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Charles Cutler, a Norristown internist and chairman of the Coalition for a Tobacco-free Montgomery County, writes about the need to reform legislation regarding smoking throughout Pennsylvania.

07/19/2006put_clean_air_on_menu.htm">"Put Clean Air on the Menu", August 25, 2004, The Philadelphia Inquirer

TV-News station CBS-3 Philadelphia reports that Mayor Street supports Councilman Michael Nutter in banning smoking in certain locations.

"Street Backs Anti-Smoking"

TV-News station CBS-3 Philadelphia ran a story regarding Councilman Nutter and the potential of new legislation prohibiting smoking in Philadelphia restaurants and bars.

"Smoking Ban Attempted in Philly"

For further information see:

"Smokers Fume as New Airport Rule Takes Effect" The Philadelphia Inquirer, May 2, 2004

The Philadelphia International Airport- News

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