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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the program dates?
SUIP generally starts the first Monday of June, and continues for 10 weeks. In 2017, the dates are June 5 through August 11. Due to the short length of the program and other administrative issues, we cannot tailor program dates to fit individual needs of the interns. Orientation will be the morning of the first Monday of June, and all interns must attend.

What is the program stipend? How often do I get paid?
The stipend is $4800.00 for 10 weeks. Interns will be paid 3 times: the last Friday of June, the last workday of July and the last workday of August.

When is the application due?
Applications are due February 1. Supporting materials will be accepted after the deadline, but any application that is incomplete after February 15 may not be considered for admission.

How can I check the status of my application?
In order to check the status of your application, please send a request to:

Will my application be reviewed if it is not complete?
No, all applications must be complete in order to enter the review process.

When will I be notified of my status?
SUIP will not start making its first notifications until the last week in February.

Must I include my Fall transcript?
Yes, a complete transcript, including Fall grades, is required.

What should I include in my personal statement? What are the page limits?
Your personal statement should describe your current research interests, as well as previous research experiences. The statement should also include your projected career goals and what has influenced your decision to pursue them. Finally, you should include some background info about yourself. There is no minimum page requirement, but 1-2 pages are sufficient.

How are mentors/labs assigned if I am accepted?
Once an intern has accepted an offer to participate in SUIP, the application is reviewed by faculty members to determine which applicants are potential "fits" for their labs. The SUIP administrators then try to best match these selections with the interns' stated research interests. Once a match is made, the intern and mentor are notified so that they may begin discussing a project and transition into the lab.

Where will interns be housed? Are meals covered by the program?
Interns are housed in secure on-campus high-rise apartments similar to these: Harnwell College House. Each intern will have his/her own bedroom, with a shared kitchen and bathroom. Interns are expected to cover their food expenses with their stipend. A grocery store can be found within a short walk of the apartment, and there are many reasonably-priced restaurants and "food trucks" nearby.

Does the SUIP program cover travel to and from the program?
SUIP does cover travel. Flight reservations will be made via our travel agent, at no cost to the intern. Only interns who live outside a 150 mile radius of Philadelphia will be eligible to fly. Interns who live within 150 miles of campus must submit a reimbursement for travel, and cannot be compensated until the program has concluded. (Please note that MARC students may have a different set of requirements and should speak with their program director).

May international students participate in SUIP?
Unfortunately, international students are not eligible for the SUIP. All participants must be United States Citizens or Permanent Residents.

May I enroll in classes at Penn while participation in SUIP?
No, the SUIP is considered a full-time program. Students are expected to work full-time in the laboratory, except to attend SUIP-specific events. Consequently, interns may not take classes.

May interns use the Penn Gyms?
Interns may sign up to use the Penn recreational facilities at their own expense.

What if I have other questions?
Please send an email to


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