Q: Who should apply?

student looking into microscopeA: If you're interested in learning about the biological/physical sciences as related to radiation-research and have a GPA>3.2, there is no better place to experience the excitement of scientific discovery and innovation than the University of Pennsylvania, Perelman School of Medicine. After your sophomore or junior year in college is an ideal time to determine how biomedical research could play a part in your future.

Q: I am interested in your program but have already graduated college, may I apply?

A: Our program is for current undergraduate students who have just completed their sophomore or junior years only. If you have graduated already, we are unable to accept you into the program.

Q: Can international students apply?

A: Yes, although our current funding for international travel is limited.

Q: May I participate in the program as a volunteer?

A: We cannot accept volunteers.

Q: Can I apply via e-mail?

A: Electronic application submissions are encouraged. Please ensure that all submitted documents are in Word (.doc) or PDF format. Letters of recommendation are acceptable only if recieved directly from that person's email address.

Q: Can I send the application in a single envelope?

A: Yes. If you are including letters of recommendation, they should be sealed in an envelope that has been signed by the person recommending you.

Q: How many letters of recommendation do I need?

A: Two letters are required and must be from a faculty member in your field of study.

Q: How will I know when my application has been received in its entirety?

A: You will receive an e-mail confirmation once your application has completely arrived. Contact supers@uphs.upenn.edu for inquiries regarding the status of your application.

Q: Can I choose my mentor/project/lab?

A: We will do our best to match each student with a lab that most closely aligns with his or her area of interest. Make sure to specify this on your application!

Q: Do I need to locate my own housing?

A: No, you will be given a room in a dorm located on campus.

Q: Are meals included in the program?

A: Yes. Students receive a limited meal plan that provides for approximately one meal per day. The stipend is expected to help defray cost of other meals while on campus.

Q: What about recreational activities?

A: Students can access the Department of Recreations Facilities for approximately $125 for the duration of the program. This includes access to both Gyms on campus, the pool and tennis facilities. Other recreational activities may be available for a nominal cost per outing.

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