Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

Topics in Molecular Medicine

Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania


Fall, 2014

All classes are held on Fridays (unless noted) from 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm in room 253 BRB

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Monday, Sept. 8 (3:30-5:00 pm)

Jim Hoxie

"HIV prevention and transmission"




Friday, Sept. 19 (3:30-5:00 pm)

Alice Chen-Plotkin

"Parkinson's disease: Emphasis on the role of alpha-synuclein"





Friday, Sept. 26

Robert Heuckeroth

"A nervous gut is a happy gut"




Friday, Oct. 3

Katie Bar

"Functional cure of HIV"





Friday, Oct. 7

Dennis Kolson

"Microbial translocation and HIV/SIV pathogenesis"





Friday, Oct. 10

Mitch Lazar

"How does metformin improve type 2 diabetes?"





Friday, Oct. 24

Roger Greenberg
"Targeting homologous recombination deficiency in hereditary breast and ovarian cancer"





Friday, Oct. 31

Mark Kahn

"Breaking the blood-brain barrier to treat CNS disease"





Friday, Nov. 7

Jonathan Maltzman

"Rational drug design for transplantation"





Friday, Nov. 14

Warren Pear

"Drug resistance in T-cell leukemia”





Monday, Nov. 24

Jaimo Anh and Robert Mauck

"Good vibrations: Mechano-biologic basis for bone growth"





Monday, Dec. 1

Neal Sondheimer

"Trilineage embryos for the avoidance of mitochondrial disease"





Friday, Dec. 5

Robert Vonderheide

"At the crossroads of cancer genetics and immunotherapy"




Friday, Dec. 12

Gary Wu

“The role of the microbiome in intestinal cancer”





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