Resources and Support Groups

Resources and Support GroupsA number of resources and support services are available for those dealing with Parkinson's disease. Click on the following links to learn more about online resources, professional education opportunities, support groups, counseling and specialty support groups.

Online Resources

For those wishing to learn more about Parkinson's disease, the following online resources will be of assistance.

Professional Education

Penn Medicine is committed to educating health professionals about Parkinson’s disease. We offer in-services to nursing home staff and other providers that care for people with PD. For more information or to request an in-service, contact Julie Stutzbach (, 215-829-7651) or Christin Salemno (, 215-829-2347).

Support Groups

Support groups provide assistance for Parkinson’s patients and their caregivers in Philadelphia and the surrounding area. Special support groups serve those with specific needs such as men, people that have had DBS, carepartners, early-onset PD, those that speak primarily Mandarin and Cantonese. There are three new support groups: a group for women with PD, one for persons affected by parkinsonisms, and a support group serving West Philadelphia. For a complete list of support groups from the Parkinson’s Council please refer to To find support groups in the Pennsylvania-New Jersey-Delaware region, click here.

A support group is a way for people to help each other cope with a problem that they all share. Support groups are not just for patients. Many groups are available for care partners or caregivers, family members of patients and friends. Members give and receive information and encouragement through email/mail, phone calls and group meetings. Most groups meet monthly.


Penn Medicine offers a free counseling service for people dealing with movement disorders, including individual counseling, couples and family counseling, and counseling for caregivers. Our staff consist of a PhD psychologist and master’s level therapist who have specific training in counseling people with chronic illness as well as an intimate knowledge of Parkinson’s disease. Sessions are held by appointment at the PDMDC, 330 S 9th St. Call 215-829-6688 and leave your name, the name of your referring physician, and a number where you can be reached to make an appointment.

Speciality Support Groups

Speciality support groups exist for other movement disorders and for special Parkinson's groups.

Here is a partial list of support groups for movement disorders other than Parkinson's:

Here is a listing of speciality Parkinson's disease support groups:

  • Carepartners Group
    Comprehensive Neurological Center
    Contact: Dolly Johnson
    Phone: 215-829-7273
    Meets: 4th Thursday, 1:00pm
  • Newly Diagnosed
    Sunrise Assisted Living
    Contact: Lorna Glassman
    Phone: 215-542-2931
    Meets: 4th Tuesday, 1:00pm
  • Deep Brain Stimulation
    Pennsylvania Hospital - Hall Mercer Building
    Contact: Kathryn McGill
    Phone: 215-829-5052
    Meets: 1st Tuesday, 10am
  • Women's Group
    Contact: Julie Stutzbach
    Phone: 215-829-7651
    Meets: First Meeting on September 12, 2011, at 11AM at Good Karma Cafe in Center City

  • Early Onset/Newly Diagnosed
    Comprehensive Neurological Center
    Contact: Suzanne Reichwein
    Phone: 215-829-7273
    Meets: 2nd Saturday, 10AM


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