Penn Udall Center Team

Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders Center teamThe Penn Udall Center for Parkinson's Research is comprised of a dedicated group of researchers, clinicians, and technical support staff drawn from the Parkinson’s Disease & Movement Disorders Center (PD&MC), part of the Penn Neurological Institute at Pennsylvania Hospital; the Parkinson’s Disease Research, Education & Clinical Center at the Philadelphia VA Medical Center (PADRECC); the Institute on Aging (IOA), and the Center for Neurodegenerative Disease Research (CNDR).

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Administrative Core Neuropathology and Genetics Core
Clinical and Educational Core

Data Management and Biostatistics Core


John Q. Trojanowski, MD, PhD

Administrative Core

John Q. Trojanowski, MD, PhD
Kathryn Jedrziewski, PhD Kathryn Jedrziewski, PhD Administrator

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Clinical Core

Howard Hurtig, MD, Core Leader
  Rachel Gross, MD Co-Core Leader and Co-Project Leader
Murray Grossman, MD< PhD Murray Grossman, MD, PhD Project Leader
Sherry Ash, PhD Sherry Ash, PhD EmailASH@BABEL.LING.UPENN.EDU
  Lama Chahine, MD  
Alice Chen-Plotkin, MD Alice Chen Plotkin, MD

Project Leader

  Jay Choi  
John Duda, MD John Duda, MD
Henry Glick, PhD Henry A. Glick, PhD EmailHLTHSVRS@MAIL.MED.UPENN.EDU
Stacy Horn, DO Stacy Horn, DO
Jason H. Karlawish, MD Jason Karlawish, MD
Lauren Massimo, MSN, CRNP Lauren Massimo, MSN, CRNP
James Minger James Minger  
  Suzanne Reichwein, BASW
Jacqui Rick Jacqui Rick
Judy Shea, PhD Judy Shea, PhD EmailSHEAJA@MAIL.MED.UPENN.EDU
Matthew B. Stern, MD Matthew B. Stern, MD
Baochan Tran Baochan Tran  
Daniel Weintraub, MD Daniel Weintraub, MD Co-Project Leader

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Neuropathology and Genetics Core

John Q. Trojanowski, MD, PhD
Vivianna Van Deerlin, MD, PhD Vivianna Van Deerlin, MD, PhD Core Co-Investigator
Virginia M.-Y. Lee, PhD Virginia M.-Y. Lee, PhD, MBA Project Leader
Elizabeth McCarty Wood Elizabeth McCarty Wood, MS, CGC Certified Genetics Counselor
  Kelvin Luk, PhD
Picture of LEE, EDWARD MD, PhD Edward Lee, MD, PhD

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Data Management and Biostatistics Core

Sharon Xie, PhD
Young Baek Young Baek
Li San Wang, PhD Li-San Wang, PhD

Parkinson's disease studies at Penn

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