BUP Programs

We take a broad interdisciplinary approach to building health care capacity in Botswana through three programs:


The BUP has many research initiatives focused on health issues surrounding infectious diseases and other areas in Botswana. Topics include HIV and co-infections, genomics, physiology, immunology, oncology, virology, transmission, and treatment adherence.

Clinical Care

A combination of PEPFAR funds and research grants currently support approximately 60 full-time physicians, nurses, social workers, and auxiliary health personnel working for Penn in Botswana.


The BUP has two main medical education initiatives, one directed at training medical students, Health Care Workers and trainees in Botswana, and another directed at educating Penn students and trainees.

Educational opportunities for Penn students and Penn and CHOP residents

Interested in pursuing a global health experience in Botswana through BUP? These opportunities are available to students of the University of Pennsylvania, and Penn or CHOP residents.