Sharing the expertise of a world-class university with our partners in Botswana to build capacity and excellence in clinical care, education, and research.

The University of Pennsylvania has worked in Botswana since 2001 and currently employs approximately 120 full-time staff in country working under the name the Botswana-UPenn Partnership. The Botswana-UPenn Partnership works with the Government of Botswana Ministry of Health and the University of Botswana to build healthcare and research capacity in Botswana. Penn is taking a broad interdisciplinary approach to train health-care personnel throughout Botswana in the treatment of HIV/AIDS and its complications, to help develop post-graduate training programs at the University of Botswana with an emphasis on Internal Medicine and its subspecialties, to offer experience in global health to Penn trainees, and to develop joint research programs that address issues relevant to the health and welfare of the citizens of Botswana.Please see the Botswana-UPenn Partnership website for more information.


Interested in working in Botswana?

We've gathered current potential funding opportunities for grants/ projects in Botswana. Learn more...


NEW Travel Requirements for Botswana - Permit Waiver

Permit Waivers are now required for all visitors to Botswana who intend to work in country for less than three months. This is a new requirement enforced by the government of Botswana and this applies to most, if not all, of Penn's visitors in Botswana. For more details and other travel guidance, check out our Travel page.


BUP Director Weighs in on why academic institutions need to align their strategies and priorities with the SDGs

Director of the Botswana-UPenn Partnership, Dr. Corrado Cancedda, along with the University of Global Health Equity Vice Chancellor, Dr. Agnes Binagwaho, and Dr. Vanessa Kerry, CEO of Seed Global Health, call on academic institutions to align their priorities with the SDGs. Learn more...



Penn and chop faculty and staff: are you planning a trip to Botswana?

If you are Penn or CHOP faculty or staff and are planning a trip to Botswana to conduct research, perform a scoping visit, facilitate a training, or do clinical work, please complete this NEW quick and easy questionnaire to access BUP services.


Attention Penn and CHOP Primary investigators: need to ship Project goods to Botswana purchased from another country?

Our BUP team can assist with this. We are familiar with the legal requirements for shipping goods to Botswana that were purchased elsewhere. Go to our FAQ section and scroll to the BUP Services section to learn more.