Craniofacial Portrait Project

"Face to Face" is a special joint venture between the Craniofacial Program at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and Studio Incamminati, School for Contemporary Realist Art.  The project was initiated and sponsored by the Center for Human Appearance. During the intimate process of portrait painting, artists and children with craniofacial differences bonded.  Families and children with craniofacial problems struggle with medical and psychological challenges and the creation of a portrait was a special time.  These resilient kids came away with a sense of pride and a better self-image. (video)

“Maybe the next time we see someone different, we won’t stare or comment, but we will gain insight and see the common link with all humanity.” ~ Patient

“It made me feel better about my appearance…I want to show other people that you can do anything you want, no matter how you look.” ~ Patient

“I’m giving back to the community with my art…my art has a purpose, to create beauty for other people…it touches a part of the soul, where we all connect….” ~ Artist

The idea is for patients to see themselves the way an artist sees them – as somebody of interest and value – and to bring out qualities that aren’t necessarily obvious at first glance. ~ Linton Whitaker, MD