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Case Studies in Translational Research

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Welcome to CSTR


A student-led, faculty-supported exploration of the role of physician-scientists in bench to bedside translational medicine. We will examine 5 case studies of translational research using investigators from Penn and industry as preceptors. The course design, which was pilot-tested last year and revised for this year, requires active involvement by all of the students on all of the case studies, working in small teams in which students will rotate as team leader. The course directors and case preceptors have chosen the topics, but the members of each week’s lead team will be responsible for selecting and guiding deliverables. Team roles are described below.

Course Directors

  • Skip Brass, MD PhD
  • Robert Heuckeroth, MD PhD
  • Gregory Podsakoff, MD
  • Ali Naji, MD PhD

Students taking the course

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* Please note the August 23rd start date.