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Case Studies in Translational Research

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Schedule | Fall 2023

UPENN SOM | Case Studies in Translational Research  BIOM 510

Session Date Room Class Time Faculty Preceptor Topic
Friday, August 25 JMEC 0505EW 3:00-4:30PM Bob Heuckeroth, MD-PhD
Skip Brass, MD-PhD

Intro/Guidance session

Friday, September 8 JMEC 0505EW 3:00-4:30PM Ali Naji, MD-PhD My islet transplantation journey: developing “drugs”  in academia
  Monday, September 18 Rubenstein Auditorium, Smilow 3:00-4:15PM Michael S. Brown, MD

Meyerhof-Matschinsky Lecture

(Optional. Attendance encouraged.)

Tuesday, September 19 JMEC 0516EW 3:00-4:30PM Aimee Payne, MD-PhD From bench to bedside and startup to IPO: anatomy of a Penn-biotech alliance
Friday, September 29 JMEC 0505EW 3:00-4:30PM Tal Zaks, MD-PhD The clinical development of mRNA vaccines for cancer
Friday, October 6 SCTR 10-146AB 3:00-4:30PM Jake Brenner, MD-PhD Nanomedicine for acute critical illnesses
Monday, October 16 JMEC 0505EW 3:00-4:30PM Carl June, MD Armoring CAR T cells for solid tumors
Monday, October 23 JMEC 0505EW 3:00-4:30PM Kathy High, MD Gene therapy for hemophilia, in academia and in biotech
Monday, October 30 JMEC 0505EW 3:00-4:30PM David Lindsay, MD-PhD Oncology Research and Patient Care with Real World Data and Practical Machine Learning: The Promise and Problem 
Monday, November 6 JMEC 0505EW 3:00-4:30PM G. Brandon Atkins, MD-PhD Novel Anticoagulants: The Many Challenges Designing Clinical Development Plans
Wednesday, November 15 JMEC 0516EW 3:00-4:30PM Paul Offit, MD The New RSV Vaccine
Monday, November 20 JMEC 0516EW 3:00-4:30PM Christina Coughlin, MD-PhD From Bench to the Bedside: Basics of the IND process

Presentation Schedule

Class Date


Student 1

Student 2

Student 3

Friday, September 8 Ali Naji, MD-PhD Natalie Brown Vasia Barka Evan Jiang
Tuesday, September 19 Aimee Payne, MD-PhD Ryan Rahman Casey Mogilevsky  
Friday, September 29 Tal Zaks, MD-PhD Giang Hoang David Wu Islam Elsaid
Friday, October 6 Jake Brenner, MD-PhD Nicolas Marzolini Sabrina DaSilva Aleksia Barka
Monday, October 16 Carl June, MD Gina Kovalik Joe McGaunn Josetta Adams
Monday, October 23 Kathy High, MD Daniel Shapiro Diana Renteria Sabina Hlavaty
Monday, October 30 David Lindsay, MD-PhD Briana Macedo Chloe Winston Annie Liang
Monday, November 6 G. Brandon Atkins, MD-PhD Vincent Xia Sarah Finstuen-Magro Pedro Mendez Fernandez
Wednesday, November 15 Paul Offit, MD Niharika Shukla Miguel Disbennett Jasmine Larrick
Monday, November 20 Christina Coughlin, MD-PhD Taylor Phillips-Jones Amelia Taylor Charlotte Monsour