Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

Developmental Biology Training Grant

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Appointments of trainers: Mentors of a student who has been appointed as a trainee will be appointed as a trainer. In addition, any full time tenure track faculty at any level who wish to be part of this Training Program can submit their application (Cover letter, commitment to graduate teaching and mentoring,  NIH Bio in the NEW 2015 format)  for review to the Executive Committee. Please send applications to Jill Agolino.

Current Trainers (in alphabetical order):

Name Primary Appointment
Anguera, Montserrat Biomedical Sciences (Vet)
Bartolomei, Marisa Cell & Developmental Biology
Bashaw, Gregory Neuroscience
Berger, Shelley Cell & Developmental Biology
Bonini, Nancy Biology (SAS)
Bonasio, Roberto Cell & Developmental Biology
Burkhardt, Janis Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Capelson, Maya Cell & Developmental Biology
DiNardo, Stephen Cell & Developmental Biology
Epstein, Douglas Genetics
Epstein, Jonathan Cell & Developmental Biology
Good, Matt Cell & Developmental Biology
Granato, Michael Cell & Developmental Biology
Jongens, Thomas Genetics
Klein, Peter Hematology-Oncology
Lampson, Michael Biology (SAS)
Lazar, Mitchell Endocrinology and Genetics
Lengner, Christopher Biomedical Sciences (Vet)
Luo, Wenqin Neuroscience
Millar, Sarah Dermatology
Ming, Guo-li Neuroscience
Morrisey, Edward Cardiology and Cell & Developmental Biology
Mourkioti, Foteini Orthopaedic Surgery
Mullins, Mary Cell & Developmental Biology
Murray, John Genetics
Pear, Warren Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Poethig, Scott Biology (SAS)
Raj, Arjun Bioengineering
Raper, Jonathan Neuroscience
Rompolas, Pantelis Dermatology
Shore, Eileen Orthopaedic Surgery
Simon, Celeste Cell & Developmental Biology
Song, Hongjun Neuroscience
Song, Yuanquan Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Speck, Nancy Cell & Developmental Biology
Stanger, Ben Medicine
Sundaram, Meera Genetics
Svitkina, Tatyana Biology (SAS)
Wagner, Doris Biology (SAS)
Wolfe, John Pathology and Medical Genetics
Zaret, Kenneth Cell & Developmental Biology
Zhou, Zhaolan Genetics