AFib: A guide for digital pulse checks

Patient guidance:
  • Check your pulse once daily and/or during any symptoms as instructed by your provider.  A good tip to check once a morning or at night when waking up or going to bed.
  • If the auto interpretation of the ECG is ‘normal sinus rhythm’ - great!
  • If the ECG is unexpectedly abnormal or you are having symptoms and the ECG is ‘readable’, considering sharing with your provider.
  • To share your ECG:
    1. Open the ECG in your Alivecor app on your mobile device
    2. Select ‘download PDF’ option
    3. When prompted, entered a password to encrypt the ECG – use ‘1234’ or one of your choice.
    4. Once the PDF opens, use the share link to send the PDF to the MyPennMedicine app.  Compose a message to your provider and the PDF will be embedded in the message.
    5. Include the password and the reason for sharing the ECG in the message.


AliveCor KardiaMobile Personal ECG Monitor + App

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Wearables Smartphone

Personal ECG monitor that syncs with an app with AI-based arrhythmia detection.

Apple Watches

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Biosensors Smartphone Smart watch

Smart watch with features including heart rate and rhythm detection, pedometer, and sleep tracking.