Mission Statement

The Giri-Nathan Cardiovascular Health Services and Policy Research Lab focuses on using a variety of existing and novel data sources in combination with statistical modeling and econometric methodologies to address questions at the intersection of three major focus areas in health policy. These efforts are undertaken in collaboration with the Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics, an interdisciplinary program with experts from the Wharton School of Economics and the Perelman School of Medicine.

Equitable Access to Cardiovascular Therapies

We seek to understand the geographic, racial, ethnic and socioeconomic factors associated with access to novel cardiovascular pharmacotherapies as well as therapeutic devices using novel datasets constructed from large administrative payor databases, geospatial databases and a variety of socioeconomic markers. 

Factors Motivating the Adoption of Cardiovascular Therapies

We are interested in understanding financial and non-financial factors associated with the adoption of novel cardiovascular therapies by physician groups and health systems using economic and advanced statistical analyses of administrative and cost data sources.

Risk and Outcome Assessment when Utilizing Cardiovascular Therapies

We study the accuracy and utility of measuring patient-level outcomes following the use of cardiovascular therapies, as well as how these measurements can affect physician and health system decision making using administrative and registry data sources in combination with econometric and behavioral science methodologies.

In collaboration with the Cardiovascular Outcomes and Quality Effectiveness Research Group (CAVOQER), our group uses large data sets, including administrative, registry and clinical trial data sources, in combination with advanced causal inference techniques to perform comparative effectiveness studies and outcome analyses of cardiovascular therapies in the following clinical areas.

Coronary Artery Disease

Structural Heart Disease

Venous Thromboembolic Disease

Reno-vascular Hypertension

Peripheral Arterial Disease