Frequently Asked Questions

What does is cost to participate in a clinical study?

Participating in a clinical trial typically costs no more or less than receiving standard of care treatment.  All costs directly related to the research such as study specific tests, additional scans and the study medication are usually paid for by the study sponsor.  Sometimes sponsors reimburse patients for mileage and travel costs to study visits or for lodging if the study requires overnight stays.  The costs for procedures that would occur if the patient was receiving standard therapy, for example, examinations, routine blood work and routine scans are paid for by insurance.  Patients are responsible for the copays associated with standard of care charges.


What if I change my mind after I consent and enroll? 

A patient can withdraw from a clinical trial at any time for any reason and without any penalty. 


I'm not a Penn Medicine patient yet, can I still enroll in a study at Penn Medicine? 

To participate in a trial at Penn Medicine, a patient must be seen by a member of the clinical team who will review medical history, perform an examination, and discuss treatment options. The patient can decide after this clinic visit whether to participate in a trial at Penn Medicine or seek treatment at another hospital. Patients interested in clinical trials can contact our research team who will answer questions and assist with next steps.


I am a Penn Medicine patient and I'm interested in a study that is open at another site, what should I do? 

Let your doctor know.  Your clinical team will work with you to assure you receive the best treatment available for you and will assist even if that means seeking treatment at a different hospital.