Hours of Operation

The IDS operates out of 3 locations on the University of Pennsylvania campus:


Address: 3600 Spruce St, Maloney Bldg, Ground Floor
Hours: 7:30am - 5pm Weekdays; 8:00am - 3:30pm Saturday/Sunday (Operations needed)
*Note:  In Fall 2021, many protocols will be moved to our IDS CENTRAL location.  IDS will coordinate timing with individual services and study teams in advance of any move.


Address: 51 N. 39th St, 103 Mutch Bldg.
Hours:  7:30am – 4pm Weekdays; Closed weekends



Address: 3600 Civic Center Blvd, 10th Floor (10-020)
Hours:  7:30am – 4pm Weekdays; Closed weekends

*Note: All manufacturing, compounding and repackaging activities will take place only at IDS CENTRAL.

The IDS maintains an on-call pager (267-734-5009) rotated among staff for after-hours EMERGENCY coverage.

Outpatient orders must be sent to the IDS sufficiently in advance of the visit to allow proper preparation. The IDS is not equipped to provide 'walk-up' service similar to a retail pharmacy. In order to ensure that medication is ready at the time of a patient visit, orders must be sent at a minimum the morning the day before the visit. For study medications which require compounding, repackaging or other complex services, lead times of 2 to 5 days may be needed.  Discuss your needs with the IDS staff in advance or during the SIV.

The IDS on-call person can assist by telephone with:

  • Breaking treatment blinds
  • Problems in ordering or obtaining inpatient study medications
  • Inpatient pharmacy staff who are unfamiliar with a particular study
  • Directing outside callers to the proper resource.

The IDS on-call person will come back to the hospital only in a true emergency when no other option exists.