Video and Presentations


7:30 am   Check in, Continental Breakfast, visit Exhibits and Experts
                 Survivorship and Integrative Therapies
8:15 am   Welcome and Opening Remarks

                     Naomi B. Haas, MD | Conference Chair
                     Nick Nicholson | Founder, Judy Nicholson Kidney Cancer Foundation                  


8:30 am   My Surgery for Kidney Cancer

                     Thomas J Guzzo, MD, MPH | Penn Medicine | Abramson Cancer Center

8:50 am   Innovative Approaches for Locally Advanced Kidney Cancer

                     Robert G Uzzo, MD, FACS | Temple Health | Fox Chase Cancer Center

9:10 am   Why Perioperative Therapy Could Cure Kidney Cancer

                     Naomi B. Haas, MD | Penn Medicine | Abramson Cancer Center

9:30 am   What do my genes tell me about kidney cancer?

                     Ramaprasad Srinivasan, MD, PhD | Center for Cancer Research, National Cancer Institute

9:50 am   Why (or why not) Combination Therapy May be Best for my Kidney Cancer

                     Elizabeth Plimack, MD, MS | Temple Health | Fox Chase Cancer Center

10:10 am   What’s New for my Cancer Beyond First Line Treatment?

                     Camillo Porta, MD | University of Pavia, Italy

10:40 am   BREAK
10:50 am   Treatment of non- clear cell cancer? Unique and deserving of its own focus

                     Vivek K Narayan, MD, MS | Penn Medicine | Abramson Cancer Center

11:20 am   Q&A Panel of Experts

                  MODERATOR:  Naomi B. Haas, MD
                     Thomas J Guzzo, MD, MPH
                     Vivek K Narayan, MD, MS
                     Elizabeth Plimack, MD, MS
                     Camillo Porta, MD
                     Ramaprasad Srinivasan, MD, PhD
                     Robert G Uzzo, MD

12:00 pm   Lunch with the Doctors
12:40 pm   Patient Networking Session - Deborah Maskens, MA, MSA
                   Caregiver Networking Session - Nick Nicholson & Megan A Melick, MSW, LSW 


General Session 2

1:10 pm   Patient Perspective on Clinical Trials - Why Not?

                     Deborah Maskens, MA, MSA | International Kidney Cancer Coalition (IKCC)

1:40 pm   How do I make the most of my treatment? Managing the Side Effects of Cancer
                 and its Treatment

                     Emily Feld, MD | Penn Medicine | Abramson Cancer Center

2:10 pm   Role of Metastatectomy and Additional Kidney Cancer Therapy

                     Leonard J Appleman, MD, PhD | University of Pittsburgh Medical Center | Hillman Cancer Center

2:25 pm   Management of Bone Metastases and Kidney Cancer

                     Robert J. Wilson, II, MD | Penn Medicine | Abramson Cancer Center

2:40 pm   Nutrition and Kidney Cancer

                     Roberto Pili, MD | Indiana University School of Medicine

3:10 pm   Patient Reported Outcomes in Kidney Cancer

                     Lynne Wagner, PhD | Wake Forest School of Medicine

3:25 pm   Panel Discussion

                  MODERATOR:  Naomi B. Haas, MD
                     Leonard J Appleman, MD, PhD
                     Emily Feld, MD
                     Deborah Maskens, MA, MSA
                     Roberto Pili, MD
                     Lynne Wagner, PhD
                     Robert J. Wilson, II, MD          

 3:45 pm   Adjourn