Our Mission

Lung disease is the third leading cause of illness and death in the US and the number of people affected by these illnesses grows each year. The COVID-19 pandemic illustrates the importance of a better understanding of respiratory diseases and developing new therapeutic approaches for their treatment. The overarching goal of the Penn-CHOP Lung Biology Institute (LBI) is to address this critical demand for better treatment options for both adult and pediatric lung diseases. The LBI unites the resources, expertise and innovation of scientists and physicians to unravel the underlying mechanisms of respiratory disease and begin to utilize such findings to improve clinical medicine.

The primary goals of the LBI are to:
  • Bring together clinicians and researchers directly involved in pulmonary research as well as those outside the field to build an interactive and rigorous community focused on developing new and more effective treatment options for adult and pediatric patients.
  • Create resources at Penn and CHOP to facilitate discovery through translational research in pulmonary biology with a focus on human related research.
  • Provide an unparalleled environment to educate and train the next generation of leaders in pulmonary research and medicine.