By bringing together outstanding world-renowned leaders in the fields of surgery, genomics, and lung cell biology, the LBI is uniquely positioned to build a repository of human lung tissue samples for current and future research in respiratory diseases.

The Human Lung Tissue Bank (HLTB) provides LBI members access to:
  • HIV/HCV-free, quality-tested lung tissue slices from both normal and diseased lungs.
  • The LBI server for comparative analyses of existing and newly generated large scale genomic data sets for human lung samples diseases from researchers within the LBI.
  • Support in the design and implementation of experiments involving the use of human lung samples. The HLTB has independently developed and optimized protocols for the isolation and generation of high quality, reproducible human primary lung cell 3D organoid cultures and enriched single cell populations for downstream NGS and FACS analyses.


To request access please fill out a request form

For more information please contact Kathleen Stewart


At this time we are only able to provide access to these resources to members of the Penn community. However, the LBI contributes to a publicly available mouse and human data repository that can be accessed through the link below.

Lung Gene Expression Analysis Web Portal