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PennMicro offers a novel approach to mastering microsurgical techniques outside the operating room. Recognizing that microsurgery demands a unique set of precise movements, we've designed a simple yet effective training method to practice anywhere, anytime. Our goal is to make practice uncomplicated: something that trainees can do in 5-10 minutes of downtime between cases or waiting for induction. This regular, easy-to-integrate routine ensures steady improvement and confidence in performing these highly specialized surgical techniques. With PennMicro, trainees can accelerate their learning curve for mastering one of the most challenging skills in surgical training.

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Penn Plastic Surgery

Joseph Serletti
Dr. Joseph Serletti

Penn Medicine’s Division of Plastic Surgery is the nation’s highest volume microsurgery center, with over 5,000 total free flaps completed to date. Division Chief Joseph Serletti, MD, is also a pioneer in developing and popularizing loupe microsurgery—decoupling microsurgery from reliance on specialized microscopes and increasing access to microsurgical techniques at hospitals around the nation and the world.