Welcome to Muzykantov’s Lab at the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine.

Our Mission

At Muzykantov's Lab, our mission is to revolutionize drug delivery for a healthier future. Since our establishment in the mid-nineties, we've been at the forefront of tackling a critical problem: drugs often lack the natural ability to reach their intended targets in the body, leading to the need for high doses and causing unwanted side effects. Additionally, some drugs simply don't work unless they are precisely localized in specific microenvironments within the body.

The Challenge

The challenge we address is clear: drugs need to be delivered with pinpoint precision to achieve their desired effects. Whether it's biotherapeutics, proteins, nucleic acids, cells, or other biological agents, they must be directed to specific cells, organelles, or cellular membranes. Our goal is to overcome these hurdles and transform drug delivery.

Our Innovative Approach

Our approach is rooted in innovation and precision. We specialize in identifying unique features of target sites, such as surface molecules or microenvironment characteristics, that can be harnessed to guide drugs and their carriers to the right place. These carriers include antibodies, proteins, and a diverse range of nanoparticles, including liposomes, polymeric particles, nanogels, and lipid-based nanoparticles (LNPs). Through our work, we advance the field of targeted, precise, and individualized pharmacotherapy.

Our Impact

Over the last three decades, we've developed a range of promising targeted drug delivery systems. These systems hold immense potential for addressing serious pathological conditions affecting the cardiovascular, pulmonary, host defense, and central nervous systems. Most of our projects are collaborative efforts, involving partnerships with other leading labs at PENN and beyond.

Our Vision

Our ultimate vision is to bridge the gap between cutting-edge research and practical applications. We strive to translate our groundbreaking targeted therapies into the industrial and clinical domains. Through meticulous design of drug delivery systems and a deep understanding of their mechanisms, we aim to bring about transformative change in healthcare.

Join us in our mission to reshape drug delivery and unlock new possibilities in the world of medicine. Together, we can create a brighter and healthier future for all.

The Cover of Advanced Materials, Volume 34, Issue 8

Combating Complement's Deleterious Effects on Nanomedicine by Conjugating Complement Regulatory Proteins to Nanoparticles

Combating Complement's Deleterious Effects on Nanomedicine by Conjugating Complement Regulatory Proteins to Nanoparticles

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