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System Information

What is the PennCTMS?
The PennCTMS (Velos platform) is a web-based clinical research study management system. The PennCTMS is designed to house clinical research in the Perelman School of Medicine and allows principal investigators and research staff to track and report on nearly every aspect of a clinical trial.

Who is required to use the PennCTMS?
Perelman School of Medicine Faculty and Staff conducting clinical research should utilize the PennCTMS for all non-exempt studies required to be in the system as outlined in SOP 400.

Can I access the PennCTMS from home?
The PennCTMS is a web-based clinical trial management system and can be accessed from your browser or internet connected PC.

What browsers are recommended?
Firefox and Chrome are the recommended browsers for the PennCTMS. Internet Explorer is not recommended. Be sure to disable all pop-up blocking features prior to using it from any interface.   It is recommended that your browser “zoom” setting be set to 100% to avoid issues with functionality.  A setting over 100% may limit visibility and function.

What is the difference between the PennCTMS Production and Training environments?
The PennCTMS Production environment is where live studies are housed, while the PennCTMS Training environment is for testing out new studies as well as functionality. The training environment is also used to train our end-users and to familiarize them with navigating through the system.

What is my PMACS login?
PMACS = Penn Medicine Academic Computing Services – the account is used to login to resources hosted/maintained by their infrastructure.

What is the difference between my PMACS login and my PennCTMS login?
Almost nothing – the account credentials used to login to PennCTMS IS your PMACS account. However, the PennCTMS account is specific to PennCTMS, which means a user can be deactivated/locked out of PennCTMS while still having an active PMACS Account (and vice-versa.)

What is a PennKey?
A PennKey is an individual's username and an associated password within the PennKey authentication system. A PennKey is required to authenticate your identity for access to many of Penn's online resources and systems. Visit the PennKey support page for more information

How long do PennCTMS accounts stay active?
Accounts are deactivated after six months of inactivity. Keep your account active by logging in at least every 6 months.

I need to reset my password, what next?
It is recommended that all users enroll in the self-service password reset link This will allow you to reset your PMACS password without submitting a ticket to PennCTMS IT Support.

I tried to login and am now locked out, what now?
If you attempt to login three times unsuccessfully, your account will be locked for 15 minutes and you can try logging in again.  If you need to reset your password use this self-service password reset link. This link is also found on the PennCTMS login page.

What is an e-Signature?
The e-signature is a four-digit numeric code, unique to the user. This is needed to save and edit throughout the PennCTMS. If you need to reset your e-signature, please submit a ticket to PennCTMS IT Support.

Access & Training

How do I get access to the PennCTMS or reactivate my account?
Training is required for all users. Visit the Training and Access section of the OCR website for specific training needs including faculty, staff and principal investigators.

How do I build CRFs to collect data in PennCTMS?  
Building CRFs in the PennCTMS requires advanced training and is offered at least once a month.  Submit a ticket to PennCTMS IT Support to request to request advanced training.

I have access to the PennCTMS, but why can’t I find my study in the system?
There are two levels of access in the PennCTMS: system access and study access. You gain system access by completing training. Study access should be given by current study team members. If someone from the study team is not able to add you, please submit a ticket to PennCTMS IT Support. A user who creates the initial study registration also gains full access to the study.

Support & Resources

Who can I contact for support or questions?
The PennCTMS is supported by the Office of Clinical Research (OCR) and PennCTMS IT Support. All requests for access, training, and system questions should be submitted through PennCTMS IT Support. Choose the PennCTMS queue to be sure your ticket is routed to the proper team.

What if I can’t login to the PennCTMS IT Support page?
There is an online help form link on the OCR website. Here you can submit an online form with your information and question. Please be sure to include your full name, email and phone number. NEVER include any PHI (protected health information) in your request.

Where can I find detailed information about the PennCTMS such as field definitions and suggested workflows?
Visit the PennCTMS Resource Page for user manuals/work instructions, access and modification forms, the PennCTMS SOP 400 and other helpful links.