CTMS Tip Sheets

Study Management

PennCTMS: Managing Study Site Status

  • Manage and determine study site statuses, study start/end date, and current status

PennCTMS: Managing Study Teams

  • Adding study team members, manage access rights, and deactivating team members

Subject Management

Syncing PennCTMS with PennChart (Epic)

  • Subject statuses and bi-directional flow between PennCTMS and PennChart

Penn CTMS: Subject Status Flow Chart

  • Recommended workflow for subject statuses

Locating a UID/MRN in PennChart

  • Where to find the universal identifier in EPIC

Creating New Patients/Subjects in PennCTMS

  • Creating a patient record in your home organization when not found in an EPIC search
  • Creating an external organization patient record


PennCTMS: Reporting Tip Sheet

  • Overview of helpful quick reports in the PennCTMS

PennCTMS: Quick Reports User Manual

  • Comprehensive manual for using quick reports

PennCTMS Quick Reports: Accrual

  • Use Quick Reports for subject status counts, enrollments, and accrual

Post-training tips for PIs and Research Staff

PennCTMS: Post-Training Tip Sheet

  • At a glance tips to help staff post-training or if you need a refresher on functions such as adding people to study teams, updating statuses or PennCTMS requirements

PennCTMS: PI and Medical Director Assessment & SAE CRF Sign-off 

  • Process overview for PI and Medical Directors to sign off on SAE CRFs in the PennCTMS.

Calendars and Forms

Calendars (Patient Schedules)

  • Assigning calendars (Patient Schedules) to subjects and managing visits/events

Form Status Definitions

  • Managing form statuses for eCRFs and monitoring

Query Status Definitions

  • Managing query statuses on monitored forms