PennCTMS Access, Training and Reactivations

The information below outlines the training required for new accounts, existing accounts (reactivations), PIs and faculty (includes residents and fellows), and those external to University of Pennsylvania. Access to the PennCTMS (Velos) requires training and may depend on your role or your previous access. 

Please note: PennCTMS account are deactivated after 6 months of inactivity. Log-in every 6 months to keep your account active.

Expand the appropriate section below (click the down arrows on the right) for detailed training information.

PennCTMS Access: Coordinators, Research Assistants, Study Team Members, Project Managers

The PennCTMS Fundamentals training is an instructor-led virtual session, includes a hands-on training exercise and reviews the following workflows: study registration, study management, patient management/enrollment, and reporting. NOTE: This virtual training allows for 15 attendees only. Please plan to register accordingly.

This course is self-assigned via Knowledge Link. Access and Credit will be given after attending the entire class, completing the training exercise.

  • Log in to Knowledge Link
  • Search for PennCTMS Fundamentals Training: Instructor-led class (Virtual)
  • Choose the instructor-led option and choose an available date/time
  • Class and training account information will be sent to you from the instructor and the PennCTMS IT Support Team


PennCTMS Access: PIs, Faculty, Residents, Fellows

Principal Investigators, Faculty, Residents and Fellows can choose from two online training modules based on their needs and use of the PennCTMS. Use the decision tree below to choose the appropriate training and the corresponding link to the course in Knowledge Link.

Contact the OCR PennCTMS Team if you have any questions about accessing the PennCTMS.


Click on the appropriate link below to go directly to the training in Knowledgelink:


Reactivating a PennCTMS Account

PennCTMS accounts are deactivated after 6 months of inactivity. If you have switched job roles and/or departments, this could impact your access and modifications to your account may be needed. To reactivate your PennCTMS account:

  • A member of the PennCTMS team will contact you via your ticket outlining the requirements for account reactivation
    • Account deactivated 6-12 months
      • No retraining required
    • Account deactivated 12-24 months
    • Account deactivated 24+ months
      • In-person training is required. Self-registration is via Knowledge Link
        • Choose PennCTMS Fundamentals Training: Instructor-led class (Virtual)



PennCTMS Advanced Training (CRFs, calendars and data extraction)

OCR offers training classes on advanced functions of the PennCTMS such as building calendars or case report form (eCRFs). Submit a PennCTMS IT Support ticket to request this training. Please note: You should have an active PennCTMS account to request this training.


External PennCTMS Access (non-Penn staff)

Non-Penn employees/external users will need a Guest PennKey. A PennKey is a unique username required to authenticate your identity for access to many of Penn’s online resources and systems, including Knowledge Link, the Learning Management System.

The PennCTMS Fundamentals Training: Instructor-led class (Virtual) is required for all new PennCTMS users and is listed in Knowledge Link. 

External users should follow these steps:

  • A Penn staff member “sponsoring” the external user should submit a request for a guest PennKey
  • Information about sponsoring a guest and guest PennKey form can be found HERE