PennCTMS Access

Gaining access to the PennCTMS (Velos) requires the training options outlined below and depends on your role or if you previously had access. All users should have a PennKey. Non-Penn staff can submit this form to obtain a guest PennKey.  Access and reactivations require an Access Request Form signed by a supervisor.  Note: PennCTMS accounts are deactivated after 6 months of inactivity.

In-Person Training: New users, project managers, coordinators, research assistants, study team members:

This is an in-person, single-session, hands-on training required for new PennCTMS users. The training will review the following workflows: study registration, study management, and patient management/enrollment. This course is self-assigned. Credit will be given for attending the entire class and PennCTMS access is given when the training exercise is completed.

  • Log in to Knowledge Link
  • Search for ‘PennCTMS’ (all one word)
  • Choose the instructor-led option and choose an available date/time
  • Bring the signed Access Request Form  with you to class

Reactivating a PennCTMS account

PennCTMS user accounts are deactivated after 6 months of inactivity.  If you have switched job roles and/or departments, this could impact your access and modifications to your account may be needed. To reactivate your PennCTMS account:

Online Training: Faculty, PIs, external, limited access users:

Faculty and/or PIs are welcome to complete either the in-person items listed above or the online options below to gain access. Contact OCR if you have any questions about accessing the PennCTMS. External users will need a PennKey. Non-Penn staff can submit this form to obtain a guest PennKey. Limited users can contact OCR if they are unsure about their access requirements.

  • Submit a request for a new or reactivated account indicating your role. If you have a PMACS account, via the KACE helpdesk, otherwise request through this online form here.
  • Watch the PennCTMS video demonstration in KnowledgeLink by searching for “PennCTMS’ (all one word) and enrolling in the online option.
  • Complete the Training exercise script in the training environment.
  • At the end of the exercise, it will instruct you to submit a KACE helpdesk ticket.  Please attach the signed Access Request Form to that ticket.  

Additional Training on Calendars and Forms:

OCR offers an in-person training class on building calendars and case report forms. Submit a ticket in KACE to request scheduling.


For more information about training visit the OCR PennCTMS website or send an email.

For technical support, submit a ticket in KACE helpdesk.