PennCTMS Access for New Users

  • All users should have a PennKey.
  • If you are non-Penn, submit this form to obtain a guest PennKey.

    Please note: For compliance reasons, all users must be trained on the system. OCR will continue to track completion and deactivate users if training is not completed.

Project managers, coordinators, research assistants, study team members:

This single session in person training is for new users of PennCTMS (previously called Velos).  The training will review the following workflows: study registrationstudy management and patient management and enrollment.

  • Log in to Knowledge Link, search for “PennCTMS” and enroll in the instructor led (in-person) PennCTMS class
  • Bring the signed Access Request Form to class
  • Attend the entire in-person training class and complete the required training script in the training environment

Faculty, PIs, external, limited access users and Reactivating users:

The users listed above are welcome to complete either the items listed above or below for access.

  1. Submit a request for a new or reactivated account indicating your role. If you have a PMACS account, request a PennCTMS training account in the KACE helpdesk, otherwise request your account here
  2. Complete the Knowledge Link online modules, search for PennCTMS
  3. Complete the Training exercise script in the training environment
  4. Attach the signed Access Request Form to your training KACE helpdesk ticket

Reactivating a PennCTMS production account:

If a user does not log in to their PennCTMS account for 6 months, they are deactivated for security reasons. To reactivate an account, complete the Faculty items above and check “Reactivate” on the Access Request Form. If you have switched job roles and/or departments this could impact your access and you may need modify your account

Additional Training on Calendars and Forms:

OCR offers an in-person training class on building calendars and case report forms. Submit a ticket in KACE to request scheduling.


For more information, visit the OCR PennCTMS website or send an email.

For technical support, submit a ticket in KACE helpdesk.