OCR Applications

Research Billing Applications:

Research staff should request access to the Research Billing Application (RBA) by emailing OCR finance (psom-ocrfin@pobox.upenn.edu) with their name and department for access.

You may access the RBA through: http://my.med.upenn.edu/ 

Clinical Research Staff Portal and Registry (CRSPR):

Research staff can register in the Clinical Research Staff Portal and Registry (CRSPR)  to stay in touch with research community at Penn.

Add additional personnel to PennChart Research Studies Record

You are now able to request personnel updates to the PennChart research study record which provides the security to associate patients to studies and link encounters. To add or remove study personnel to the PennChart record, please email psom-ocrfin@pobox.upenn.edu.

Please note: Study coordinators must have completed the PennChart Research Workflow course in order to be added to the study team record in PennChart.

All personnel change requests will be communicated to your Business Administrator.

Cost Finder Application

Costfinder is a tool that provides the research rates for both Hospital Billing (HB) and Professional Billing (PB) components of an item/service/procedure. Please update any bookmarks or favorites to reference the new link as the old Costfinder site has been retired. Please note that you must select at least one entity (HUP, PPMC, PAH OR CCH) prior to searching for results as pricing may vary by entity. You are able to search by CPT code (preferred) or procedure name. 

You may access the CostFinder tool through http://my.med.upenn.edu/