PennChart Request for Research Projects

PennChart Request for Research Projects (Intake Process)

What we are offering? PennChart IT and the Office of Clinical Research are keen to provide study teams with recruitment resources available via PennChart. These recruitment services require study specific build within PennChart and related applications like MyPennMedicine. If you need feasibility numbers and subject PHI from the Penn Data Warehouse, please visit the DAC here:

Before filling the intake form, please review the available list of research tools with your study team so that you may have an idea of which tool works best for your study’s needs.

List of research resources that can be built within PennChart. This does NOT include PennChart and Research Finance related processes like RBN creation, adding study team members to research studies, training or access to PennChart.  For Research Finance tools Click Here.

  1. BPAs/ Best Practice Advisory:
    1. Element of PennChart’s decision support engine and used to alert users at the point of care based on specific patient criteria
    2. BPAs can be configured to fire at the point of care to facilitate identification of potential study participants
    3. For more information on BPAs click here
  2. MyPennMedicine Questionnaires:
    1. MPM=myPennMedicine (PennChart Patient Portal)
    2. Questionnaires used to collect information from patients relevant to their health through the patient portal
    3. Patient responses are stored in the patient’s records and can be used for patient care, quality reporting and research purposes
    4. For more information on MPM questionnaires click here
  3. EPIC/ PennChart - Slicer Dicer
    1. Learn how to use the EPIC/ PennChart functionality called Slicer Dicer. Please note you will be directed to Penn’s Learning Portal click here

For examples of Use Cases in Research for Slicer Dicer, whether IRB approval is required, see here:

How to make a request for research build? In order to make the requests streamlined, study teams need to submit an intake form that will help the study team to describe their needs to PennChart IT and OCR. We may request a meeting with the study team to understand the needs after reviewing this form. Please Click Here access the intake form. This is the UPHS IS self-service portal, please make sure you are logged into the UPHS Intranet to access think link.Your request should be submitted in the form of an IS ticket.