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Dr. Meagher's Message

Welcome to the Fall!

I hope you have all had an opportunity to spend time with your loved ones over the summer months, and, although we never really slow down at Penn Medicine, I do hope you were able to take some time to recharge those batteries.

As we enter the Fall season, we look forward to launching a more interactive website, designed to communicate more effectively with our community and partners as we seek greater visibility for the clinical research enterprise across all facets of Penn Medicine. We will also work to finalize career paths in order to ensure professional advancement opportunities for Clinical Research Professionals, and work to establish more awards of recognition for all who contribute to the clinical research enterprise.

In doing so, we hope to partner with you and look to you to share your ideas with us via the OCR Mailbox. In the meantime, we are here to answer any questions and resolve any hurdles in pursuit of our shared mission to facilitate clinical research at Penn Medicine.

Take care,



C.A.R.E Awards

Celebrate clinical research staff who best exemplify excellence in the clinical research profession.

Thursday, Nov. 3, 1 p.m.

Location: TBA (virtual or in-person)

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GCP Training Upgrade

Trainings offered through ACRP were upgraded July 13. Upgrades include enhanced training content and repairs to many technical issues.
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OCR Facebook Page

Did you know? OCR can post your study on Facebook/ClinicalTrialsAtPenn at no cost, or help you boost your post to10k+ viewers for $25 per week.
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Analytics Storefront

The Research Analytics Storefront is live for researchers and teams to access tools at Penn where data maybe utilized for research purposes. Tools highlighted include: TriNetX, SlicerDicer, Cosmos and I2B2.
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Penn Medicine is live with a PennChart update beginning August 14. New features for research include: new research icon,storyboards and customized patient facing study messages.

New features for RESEARCH:

New Research Icon Has an Edge

The new icon features three interlocking hexagons, giving it a distinct, unique look that replaces the Erlenmeyer flask.

Storyboards Show Research Participation More Clearly

The research study indicator for patients actively enrolled in a research study is moving out of the Notifications area of Storyboard and into the Key Information area, which makes it easier for users to see research participation. Users can also hover over the indicator to see key details about the patient's active studies at a glance.

Customizing patient facing study messages in MyPennMedicine

Engage patients—and keep them engaged—by providing patient-facing study descriptions tailored to enrollment status in MyPennMedicine. For example, you might create one study description for patients you’re recruiting for the study and another for those already enrolled.

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Office of Clinical Research

If you have specific questions, email (c/o Lori Conley).


On August 14, 2022, Penn Medicine went live with a PennChart update. Expect changes more visible, and more impactful, than those ushered in by recent updates. Here, we preview some of the major shifts

  • Appointment schedulers will use Book It, which offers tools for better accommodating patients. Enter one-time adjustments to patient preferences (e.g., day of the week, provider sex, etc.), hold one spot on the schedule while searching for a better one, set recurring appointments in new ways, and more.

e-learning: Schedule Using Book It

  • Registration screens are changing. A navigator view (i.e., a table of contents) will replace folders (e.g., Demographics). Payment collection is integrated seamlessly, with a new look.

e-learning: Using the Updated Registration Activity

  • Hospital billers will see major visual and workflow changes. The HB Liability Buckets activity has been updated to make it more visually appealing and easier to use. In addition to these visual changes, users will perform bucket and denial/correspondence/variance activities exclusively in the sidebar.

e-learning: Using the New Liability Buckets Activity

  • Professional and hospital billers will see that Insurance Payment Posting has a new look, making it more visually appealing and easier to use. To see the changes and other enhancements to Insurance Payment posting, please click the below link. 

e-learning: Using the New Insurance Payment Posting Activity

  • In Basket will be overhauled. Expect a sleeker, more intuitive UI, with familiar buttons in new places and an improved search feature.

SNEAK PEEK: In Basket will offer a new way to preserve messages in charts. Rather than copying and pasting an interaction into a note, use a new feature to include the information in the Encounter Report.

e-learning: In Basket Overview

  • The PACE Team is offering 30-minute webinars July 25th -  August 12th. These webinars are appropriate for all roles that use the In Basket.

Click here to sign up for an In Basket webinar.

If you would like the PACE Team to present the In Basket webinar at an existing forum that occurs after July 25th, please email


  • The Enterprise Schedgistration and Hospital Billing teams will host webinars as well. Stay tuned for dates.

PennChart Update Playground 

         This is your invitation to experience the “PennChart Update Playground”. 

The Update Playground environment will be made available to you on Tuesday, June 21, 2022 so you can preview what is coming, and become familiar with the update. Update content and supporting tip sheets will also be available on the PennChart website and distributed in upcoming newsletters.

Features of the Update Playground include:

  • Ability to log in with your regular (network) username/password.

**Please note the environment is a copy of PROD from 6.10.22.  If you have changed your network password since then, please use your old password to log in.

  • A fully-upgraded environment that includes all current PennChart Update Build.
  • Real patient data to provide an enhanced and realistic experience.

The icon to access the environment is titled “PennChart Update Playground” and will be accessible via your desktop, Citrix Web, or your start up menu.

(*Please note- the icon will only be available on a desktop or start up menu on a machine that you logged into with your actual credentials.  If you are trying to access it via a machine that has an auto log on, please log in through the Citrix Web Portal only.)


Upon logging in you will see a special banner splash screen which is present to help remind users they are in a non-production environment

As a reminder, this environment contains real patient data and the same policies and procedures regarding privacy and HIPAA compliance still apply. Any actions or documentation you may do in this environment on what appear to be real patients will not be actionable or retained.   

If you are in the Playground environment and experience an issue, please call the Service Desk at 215.662.7474 to open a ticket. It’s important that you note you are in the “PennChart Update Playground” environment when you call so they route your ticket correctly.              

Please note that access to the PennChart Update Playground environment will only be available until August 14, 2022. Access to this environment will be removed immediately before downtime that night. 



Best Practices for Maintaining HIPAA Compliance and Protecting Personal Health Information (PHI) is now required to maintain access and for new REDCap accounts.
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Team Highlights


Thomas Hohing, MA
Thomas Hohing, MA
Recruitment Specialist

Welcome Thomas Hohing as OCR’s Recruitment Specialist. Tom earned a master's degree in Public Relations and brings 20+ years recruitment experience, including 5+ years of research recruiting at Penn.

Tom is dedicated to assisting Penn’s clinical research teams achieve their recruitment goals.

Virtual recruitment consultations every Monday and Friday by appointment:12:30 to 1:30. Schedule Here


Clinical Research Workshops

OCR offers weekly workshops on clinical research topics. Continuing education credits offered. View the calendar and register here:
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iConnect Tips

How to update a patient referral status — watch a video tutorial. Help us keep metrics up to date, so we can continue to offer iConnect at no cost to the research community.
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