PennChart Training:

We recommend you log into KnowledgeLink, with your PennKey before clicking on any of the links.  Completion of the training will be recorded in your KnowledgeLink learning history.  

All new users need the Access Request Form: For new users, that do not have access to PennChart, the department’s designated UPHS Lawson Manager is required to submit an access request form:


If you need PennChart access to only view information, you need:

View Only Access: For View Only access to PennChart (online course): PennChart View Only


For access to perform research functions (documenting, writing progress notes, associating patients to studies, linking encounters/appointments, manage My Studies) you need:

Research Coordinator Access:  you need to take two (2) in-person classes:

  1. Research Coordinator Class: PennChart Training for Research Coordinators
  2. Ambulatory training: If you have not already taken an ambulatory training class, recommended is: PennChart Training for Ambulatory Medical Assistants (MA) and Clinical Research Coordinators (CRC)
  3. HIPAA Training: Protecting Patient Information (HIPAA)

If you will be conducting research billing review, you need:

Research Billing Review Access: you need to take the Research Biller Class: PennChart Training for Research Billers


You may need to take additional classes depending on what you will be doing in PennChart:

Scheduling Access: If you need to schedule patients, you need to take the Basic Scheduling Class: PennChart APM Schedgistration: Basic Scheduling

Beacon Protocols: If you will be using Beacon Protocols, it is recommended that you take:  PennChart Treatment Plans (Beacon) for Non-Oncology Providers


PennChart Guidance:
PennChart Manuals:
PennChart Tipsheets:

General Tipsheets

InBasket Notification Tipsheets

Research Billing Tipsheets

Scheduling Tipsheets

Beacon Tipsheets