PennChart Training:

We recommend you log into Knowledgelink (KL), with your PennKey before clicking on any of the links.  Completion of the training will be recorded in your LMS.  

View Only Access: This tutorial provides a View Only introduction to PennChart for Ambulatory, ED/Trauma, Inpatient, and OR, intended for audiences that need read-only access to PennChart: 

       PennChart View Only

Greater than View Only Access: If you need to document information you will need to have greater than view only access to PennChart. Recommended is one of these classes: 

       PennChart Ambulatory Training for Nurses & MA's or PennChart EMR Ambulatory for Practice Staff 

Research Studies Access: To have access to perform research functions (associating patients to studies, linking encounters to studies, manage My Studies) you need to take the Research Coordinator Class: 

       PennChart - Research Coordinator - OCR

Research Billing Review Access: If you will be conducting research billing review, you need to take the Research Biller Class:

      PennChart - Research Biller - OCR

Scheduling Access: If you need to schedule patients, you need to take the Basic Scheduling Class:

     PennChart APM Schedgistration: Basic Scheduling

Access Request Form: For new users, that do not have access to PennChart, the department’s designated UPHS Lawson Manager is required to submit an access request form: