Leadership Development

Competency Model

Core competencies are the measurable skills, behaviors, and attitudes that lead people to success in their work. The following competency model was designed using the Korn Ferry Leadership Architectâ„¢, a global competency framework.*

Our competency model represents the success profile of each program based on leader level. Success profiles are the unique combination of competencies that describe the skill set of the ideal person for a specific level or key job. Individuals who most closely match a success profile will be considered the best fit, or star performers (Ruyle & Orr, 2010).

Competency Table

To use the competency model above, begin by:
  1. Identifying the ideal skill set for the role you want to pursue.
  2. Attend the programs that will help you develop an understanding of those competencies.
  3. Incorporate these competencies in your self-performance appraisal.
  4. Discuss with your leader what successful application of these competencies looks like and have them evaluate you after a set period.


Leadership Essentials Program

The Leadership Essentials Program is a three-tiered multifaceted leadership skills development program targeted to staff, supervisors, team leads, and faculty who desire to enhance the current effectiveness of their leadership skills, and learn how to positively impact people, performance, and productivity.  Each tier incorporates increasingly more involved leadership within the program and at the Perelman School of Medicine. Learn more about Leadership Essentials >>

Professional Development Workshops

The Professional Development workshops provide PSOM staff and faculty with instructor-led courses intended to enhance skills and gain knowledge as a leader. Each workshop focuses on different skills needed to maintain an open dialogue. These workshops are stand-alone and open to all PSOM staff and faculty. To register, click on the workshop below. Learn more about Professional Development Workshops >>


We believe in maximizing your performance. In addition to our Leadership Essentials program and Professional Development workshops, PSOM staff and faculty can access our curated resources to accelerate their success. See more Resources >>