Welcome to the Pear Lab!

Recruiting Rotation Students and Postdoctoral Researchers!

Currently accepting applications and inquiries for highly qualified post-docs, and graduate student/rotation student positions in the Pear Lab. Postdocs interested in joining the lab, please send the below to Warren Pear at wpear@pennmedicine.upenn.edu :
- CV
- Statement of Interest
- Three (3) Letters of Recommendation

The focus of the Pear lab is to understand molecular and cellular mechanisms that regulate immune cell function, and how these processes are perturbed in cancer.


Latest News

  • Congratulations to Hui Qi Loo (Emory 2022) and Oishi Bardhan (Haverford 2020*) on their college graduations (Oishi finally got to walk across the stage this weekend)


    Congratulations to Dr. Yeqiao Zhou for receiving the Mark L. Tykocinski Award for outstanding thesis & research (Dept of Pathology)


    Congratulations to Yeqiao Zhou, Babak Faryabi and team on their Molecular Cell paper, “EBF1 nuclear repositioning instructs chromatin refolding to promote therapy resistance in T leukemic cells”


    Congratulations to Gregory Schwartz, Babak Faryabi and team on their Cell Reports paper, “TooManyPeaks identifies drug-resistant-specific regulatory elements from single-cell leukemic epigenomes”


    Congratulations to Gregory Schwartz on his new faculty position at the University of Toronto (https://medbio.utoronto.ca/faculty/schwartz)


    Congratulations to Kelly Rome and team on their identification of a role for Tribbles in T cell exhaustion, “Trib1 regulates T cell differentiation during chronic infection by restraining the effector program”, J. Exp. Med