Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

Penn Brain Tumor Retreat


Emerging Concepts in the Management of Glioblastoma: 'From Temozolomide to Tumor Treating Fields'

Course Director & Moderator: Suyash Mohan, MD, PDCC

4:00 PM           Registrant check-in opens

4:45 PM           Cocktails & Dinner 

5:55 PM           Welcome & Opening Remarks

                         Mitchell Schnall, MD, PhD, FACR

6:00 PM           CAR T Cells for Glioblastoma: Update and Future Directions

                         Donald M. O'Rourke, MD

6:15 PM           The Penn Brain Tumor Center: Innovation Within and Outside of the Operating Room

                         Steven Brem, MD

6:30 PM           From TMZ to Tumor Treating Fields – How much progress have we made in the management of

                         malignant gliomas?

                         Roger Stupp, MD

7:15 PM           Neuro-oncologic Imaging: Radiogenomics, Biomarkers & Response Assessment

                         Suyash Mohan, MD, PDCC

7:30 PM          Advances in Computational Neuro-Oncology: Implications for Precision Diagnostics & Personalized


                        Christos Davatzikos, PhD

7:40 PM           Break

7:50 PM           Collaborating Across the Divide to Improve Education, Research, Patient Survivorship, and Best

                         Clinical Practices

                         Na Tosha N. Gatson, MD, PhD

8:05 PM           Of Fields and Phantoms: Using Realistic Computational Phantoms to Improve Delivery of Tumor

                         Treating Fields

                         Ze'ev Bomzan, PhD

8:20 PM          Brain Tumor Clinical Trials at Penn: An Overview

                         Lisa Desiderio, RT (R) (MR) CCRC

                         Eileen Maloney Wilensky, MSN, ACNP-BC

8:30 PM           Panel Discussion

                         Moderators: Robert A. Lustig, MD, FACR and David Mankoff, MD, PhD

8:40 PM           Closing Remarks

                         Laurie A. Loevner, MD

8:45 PM          Networking, Coffee & Dessert