Interest Group

The Culinary Medicine Interest Group...

at the Perelman School of Medicine was founded in 2019. This group is a great opportunity for first and second year medical students to:

  1. Learn practical culinary skills in the kitchen
  2. Learn how to advise and guide future patients on diet and cooking strategies

We collaborate with...

Vetri Community Partnership, a non-profit organization based in Philadelphia, to create volunteer opportunities at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s (CHOP) Healthy Weight Clinic. The Vetri Cooking Lab utilizes cooking, nutritional knowledge and health education to better the local youth. The Vetri Cooking Lab at CHOP is a 10-week curriculum-based program that engages patients in the 3rd-6th grade, teaching them important nutritional lessons as they learn how to prepare delicious meals. Medical students can sign up for flexible slots on Mondays or Tuesdays (4-6pm) to facilitate sessions at CHOP.


Examples of recipes...

  • Black bean quesadillas with homemade salsa

  • Tabbouleh with grilled pineapple

  • Thai coconut curry with crunchy herb slaw

  • Jambalaya with sautéed green beans 


Goals/events for the upcoming year...

  1. Presentation featuring cardiologist Dr. Danielle Belardo to discuss plant-based nutrition to prevent heart disease, November 18th.

  2. Thanksgiving dinner volunteer opportunity at Manna, date set for November 27th.

  3. Expand volunteer options within Vetri Cooking Labs in Graduate Hospital. 

  4. Partner with Drexel University to harvest local produce at the Dornsife Center Community Garden.