PennPORT Alumni

Cohort 11

Jenna Karras, PhD

                Location: BioLegend

                Position: Technical Application Scientist 

Michael Sangobawale, PhD

                Location: Helsinn Oncology

                Position: Senior Medical Science Liaison, North East Region

Christine Dubowy, PhD

                 Location: Hagerstown Community College

                Position: Instructor, Biological Sciences/Anatomy & Physiology


Cohort 10

Dondra Bailey, PhD

                Location: Coppin State University

                Position: Assistant Professor, Biology

Nathan Fried, PhD

                Location: Rutgers University, Camden

                Position: Assistant Director for Undergrad Research and Assistant Professor, Biology

Shivon Robinson, PhD

                Location: Williams College

                Position: Assistant Professor, Behavioral Neuroscience, Department of Psychology

Shanna Bowman, PhD

                Location: Linfield College (Oregon)

                Position: Tenure Track Assistant Professor, Biology

Shannen Cravens, PhD

                Location: Gonzaga University

                Position: Tenure Track Assistant Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Sully Fernandez, PhD

                Location: Johnson and Johnson

                Position: Scientist, Cell and Gene Therapy


Cohort 9

Jason Diaz, PhD

                Location: La Salle University

                Position: Assistant Professor, Integrated Science, Business and Technology Program

Kristen Long, PhD

                Location: Mansfield University

                Position: Assistant Professor, Biology

Samantha Wilner, PhD

                Location: Ursinus College

                Position: Assistant Professor, Chemistry

Kimberly Williams, PhD

                Location: Spelman College

                Position: Assistant Professor, Biology

Heather Bennett, PhD

                Location: Bard College

                Position: Assistant Professor, Biology

Erika Perez, PhD

                Location: Xavier University of Louisiana

                Position: Assistant Professor, Psychology, Social & Behavioral Sciences


Cohort 8

Ishmail Abdus-Saboor, PhD

                Location: University of Pennsylvania

                Position: Mitchell J. and Margo K. Blutt Presidential Assistant Professor, Biology

Sidney Bolden, Jr., PhD

                Location: Bethune Cookman University

                Position: Assistant Professor, Chemistry

Jessica Chacon, PhD

                Location: Merck-Serono

                Position: Scientist

Lorenzo Ramirez, PhD

                Location: Yardi Systems

                Position: Tech Dept., Research Related

Anne Marie Torres, PhD

                Location: Miltenyi Biotec

                Position: Field Application Scientist


Cohort 7

Jason Ashley, PhD

                Location: Eastern Washington University

                Position: Assistant Professor, Vertebrate Physiology

Jerrod Bryson, PhD

                Location: Miltenyi Biotec

                Position: Flow Cytometry Specialist

Erica Arsenault, PhD

                Location: Cooper Medical College of Rowan University

                Position: Assistant Professor, Physiology

Jennifer Grier, PhD

                Location: University of South Carolina Medical School

                Position: Clinical Assistant Professor, Immunology

Wilbert Long III, PhD

                Location: Delaware State University

                Position: Senior Research Scientist, Human Ecology

Yadilette Rivera-Colon, PhD

                Location: Bay Path University

                Position: Assistant Professor, Biology and Undergraduate Research Program Coordinator


Cohort 6

Joyce Belcher, PhD

                Location: Cabrini University

                Position: Assistant Dean for Student Success and Assistant Professor, Biology

Antonio Davila, PhD

                Location: University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine

                Position: Associate Research Professor, Department of Surgery

Whelton Miller, PhD

                Location: Lincoln University

                Position: Assistant Professor, Chemistry

Brandy Pickens, PhD

                Location: New Jersey Division of Public Health and Environment Laboratories (PHEL)

                Position: Research Scientist

Hannah (Silver) Smith, PhD

                Location: Thomas Jefferson University

                Position: Associate Director, Institute of Emerging Health Professions

Nicole Sunnen, PhD

                Location: University of Sciences

                Position: Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences

Mariana Torrente, PhD

                Location: Brooklyn College

                Position: Assistant Professor, Chemistry


Cohort 5

Shanti Frausto, PhD

                Location: Ferring Pharmaceuticals, Chicago

                Position: Sr. Medical Science Liaison

Danniebelle Haase, PhD

                Location: Dow Chemical Company

                Position: Senior Chemist

Jennifer King, PhD

                Location: Ursinus College

                Position: Assistant Professor, Biology

Afi Rawlings, PhD

                Location: South Big Data Innovation Hub

                Position: Executive Director


Cohort 4

Megan Dennis, PhD

                Location: Marist College

                Position: Assistant Professor, Biology

Jennifer Tudor, PhD

                Location: St. Joseph's University

                Position: Assistant Professor, Biology

Jennifer Skirkanich, PhD

                Location: Bryn Mawr College

                Position: Lecturer

Julia Parish-Morris, PhD

                Location: University of Pennsylvania's Perelman School of Medicine

                Position: Research Assistant Professor, Psychology, Department of Psychiatry

Miguel Vilar, PhD

                Location: National Geographic

                Position: Science Manager for National Genographic Project


Cohort 3

Deborah Bauer, PhD

                Location: Wellesley College

                Position: Lecturer in Neuroscience

Ashley Fiamengo, PhD

                Location: F.D. Roosevelt High School Academy of Health Science

                Position: Science Teacher, Collegiate Academy

Michael Lipscomb, PhD

                Location: Howard University

                Position: Associate Professor, Biology

Julie McGurk, PhD

                Location: Yale’s Poorvu Center for Teaching and Learning

                Position: Director of Faculty Teaching Initiatives

Gordan Reeves, PhD

                Location: Stockton University

                Position: Assistant Professor, Chemistry

Mariya Sweetwyne, PhD

                Location: University of Washington's School of Medicine

                Position: Acting Instructor, Division of Nephrology

Behzad Varamini, PhD

                Location: Biola University

                Position: Director, Stewart Honors Program and Associate Professor, Biological Sciences

Jennifer Wanat, PhD

                Location: Washington College

                Position: Assistant Professor, Biology


Cohort 2

Kerisha Bowen, PhD

                Location: Dentons

                Position: Patent Agent

Michael Bryan, PhD

                Location: Cancer Institute of New Jersey

                Position: Research Scientist

Christopher Carbone, PhD

                Location: Holy Family University

                Position: Assistant Professor, School of Arts & Sciences

Roslyn Crowder, PhD

                Location: Stetson University

                Position: Associate Professor, Biology

Charla Lambert, PhD

                Location: Cold Springs Harbor, LI, NY

                Position: Program Director

Yvette Langdon, PhD

                Location: Millsaps College

                Position: Assistant Professor, Biology


Cohort 1

Marcel Estevez, PhD

                Location: MindSpec, Inc.

                Position: Scientist 

Meda Higa, PhD

                Location: York College

                Position: Associate Professor, Biology

James Munoz, PhD

                Location: Nova Southeastern University 

                Position: Assistant Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience

Cinque Soto, PhD

                Location: Vanderbilt University

                Position: Research Associate Professor

Angel Varela-Rohena, PhD

                Location:GE Healthcare

                Position: Process Science Leader


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