PMACS Web Team

Site Publisher Checklist

Go through the list to ensure all content updates and site setup is complete before you request to go live. 


  • Ensure all container navigation items are set up properly with the following:
    1. 'Uses Template' set to: empty in the document tab
    2. Checkbox 'Container' is checked in the Settings tab
  • Ensure child pages for vertical navigations have the 'Keep Parent Navigation Open' under the Template Variables tab filled out properly
  • Remove/unpublish all unused pages
  • Ensure each page has the following filled out:
    • Page Title
    • Uses Template
    • Resource Alias (name of your url page eg. research would render page as: .../research.html)
      • use descriptive and short naming convention in all lowercase with – as a separator if needed
  • Ensure all static resource and/or weblink resource types have 'Link Attributes' set to: target="_blank"


  • Update/remove all dummy text on pages in the Content area and template variables content
    • Be sure to remove format (using Tx icon in the toolbar) so that extraneous formatting is deleted
  • Slideshow/ Static Banners
    • Update/remove all default slideshow images with dummy text captions
    • Ensure that each slideshow image is the same size
  • Image(s) should have alternative text and empty values for width and height
  • Update the feature selections
    1. Homepage feature options (news, events, announcement, etc)
      • Note: contact PMACS Web team to have one or more of the following set up for your homepage features:
        1. RSS feed (request account and set up)
        2. Google calendar (set up)
        3. Forms (request account and to include form)
    2. Global footer/sidebar options 
      • Global contact information
        • address
        • map
        • direction link
        • email 
        • number
      • Links of Interest
      • Social Media


  • Ensure all files are appropriately placed within directory eg. images, documents
    • If a file is outside of the directories, please place it into the appropriate directory and relink to the file in your site

Ready to Go Live?

Once everything has been reviewed on your site, complete the Self-Serve Website Go Live request form to go live!