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What is a Self-Serve Website?

For faculty lab sites, student group sites, and any other simple site that needs to be up and running quickly, PMACS offers a self-serve website service that uses our web-based content management system, MODX

Highlights of This Service: 

  • A responsive design that is viewable on all Penn-supported devices and browsers
  • Robust options for news feeds, calendar feeds, and banner images/slideshows
  • Detailed training, so you can edit and maintain the site on your own using your web browser
  • Ongoing technical support

Is a Self-Serve Website for You?

Self-serve websites are best for PSOM organizations which:

  • have content that fits into a simple navigation structure (max two levels deep)
  • are not in need of assistance analyzing or organizing content
  • do not require a high level of customization in terms of site design, font, colors, etc.
  • wish to launch a site quickly with minimal assistance

Note: The Self-Serve Website Service is the only PMACS-supported option available to PSOM faculty lab sites and student groups.

If you are unsure if a self-serve website is for you, please contact us


  • Three designs with four theme options each.  Each design includes two themes consisting of Penn colors.
  • Linked social networking/syndication icons.  You may display any/all of the following: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, RSS, YouTube, Instagram, Flickr.
  • News feed: either TwitterRSS, or manually-entered news items
  • Calendar feed: either the PSOM Calendar, Google Calendar, or manual entry
  • Optional list of quick links or links of interest
  • Optional announcement/featured content section on homepage
  • The ability to PennKey-protect select pages and/or files within your website
  • Optional site-wide search feature (Note that this only searches publicly-available pages and will not search secured pages)
  • Optional slideshow or static banner image on the home page with or without captions
  • Optional static banner image on each subpage with or without captions

The Process

  1. Choose a design structure based on your needs and preferences.
  2. Choose an initial design and theme.
  3. Submit your request via our online form.
  4. Once received, we’ll send you a link to the online MODX training in KnowledgeLink within the next 2-3 business days. The training takes about 3 hours to complete but can be completed in stages, if desired.
  5. About a week from when we receive notification that you’ve completed the MODX training, we’ll set up your site on our development server and grant you publisher access.  You will then be able to add your text to the site, create new pages, customize the available feature options, and incorporate imagery.
  6. When you’re finished, submit your request to go live and we’ll review the site.  (This can take 1-2 weeks, depending on our workload.)  If everything looks good, we’ll launch the site and you’ll be able to continue to maintain your live site on