Society for Clinical Research Coordination and Management

Center for Clinical Epidemiology & Biostatistics (CCEB)

The Center for Clinical Epidemiology & Biostatistics (CCEB) supports and promotes clinical epidemiology and biostatistics research. As part of the CCEB, the Clinical Research Computing Unit (CRCU) provides a suite of collaborative services to support research project development and implementation. The CRCU provides data management services that comply with federal regulations for data integrity in human subjects research.

Biostatistics Analysis Center (BAC)

The Biostatistics Analysis Center (BAC), a center within the CCEB, provides professional biostatistical support for collaborative research projects.

Clinical Research Computing Unit (CRCU)

The Clinical Research Computing Unit (CRCU), a core research facility within the CCEB, provides state-of-the-art scientific services related to clinical data management and research computing. The CRCU is staffed with project management, clinical data management, and research computing professionals who support the development and implementation of large-scale, multicenter clinical trials, collaborative patient-oriented research, and multi-institutional health services research projects. The development and support activities of the CRCU involve application development, database administration, project management, clinical data management, research computing, and technology support services.