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April 2018

Guest Speaker: Jean Munroe, Research Compliance Manager, Surgery Department

Topic: “A business perspective on your career in research”

Did you know that research at Penn is measurable in dollars?  These dollars come from industry sponsored trials, government grants, endowments, and patents to name a few.   The Penn Innovation Center is an example of how Penn is collaborating with business with much success. As the business aspect of research at this academic/health care institution is now openly acknowledged and embraced, how can you function and prosper in such an environment?  What skills and knowledge do you need to make the most of your contribution to the research endeavor? I hope to present a different perspective in a career in research – seeing yourself as an asset, and to invest in yourself and get a return on that investment (ROI!).

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Follow-Up Details from Presenter

Below is information on business etiquette courses/training that I found on Knowledgelink. 

Search term on the Catalog search:  “Business Etiquette”

A lot of these courses that appear are on, but you can sign up through Knowledgelink and therefore get credit applied to your KL account.

Penn provides for free but you have to log in as a Penn employee.  Here is the website for through Penn:

There are instructions here on how to log in, and there are all types of trainings/courses on this website.


November 2017

Department of Medicine's new Clinical Trials Unit 
Get the SCOOP on SCRCM: Overview of NEW Website and more

Speakers: Amanda Baer and Anna Sicilia
Discussion: The Department of Medicine’s Clinical Trial Unit is a wonderful resource that can be used by all fellow researchers to help meet their goals, whether it be temporary assistance with recruitment & enrollment or assistance with regulatory submissions. 

The SCRCM Website has been updated to be a one stop shop...a resource to meet all your research needs. 

June 2017

Topic: PennCTMS

Speaker: Ellen Tracy Linder and Eian More, Office of Clinical Research 

Discussion: Penn Clinical Trial Management System (PennCTMS) - is a software system designed to help principal investigators, study coordinators, and other faculty and staff track and report on nearly every aspect of a clinical trial. Paper-based processes are replaced with electronic processes, and data is aggregated for use in the CTMS, as well as potentially exported and interfaced for use in external systems such as a data warehouses and the electronic medical record.

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May 2017

Topic: Research Recruitment

Speaker: Maha Dutt, Office of Clinical Research — University of Pennsylvania 

Discussion: Have you run into walls while recruiting for your research study? Have you needed to change your recruitment strategy after the first or the second strategy did not get your enrollment going? Find out ways to re-strategize, energize and manage your recruitment methods.

This presentation aims to provide an overview of guidelines and strategies to successfully recruit human subjects including screening and retention methods.  The presentation will also discuss various Penn resources to help with your recruitment efforts.

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March 2017

Topic: Greephire ClinCard and Disbursements

Speaker: Sarah Boyer and Dominique McClendon, University of Pennsylvania 

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Discussion: How do you currently pay human subjects participating in your research studies?  Are you looking for an easier method to reimburse subjects, need a refresher, or have questions about the Greephire ClinCard?

Sarah Boyer and Dominique McClendon  give a presentation on the Greenphire ClinCard.  The Greenphire ClinCard, a reloadable prepaid card, is available as a human subjects payment option; a faster, safer method to pay your study participants and provides an excellent alternative to AP checks, gift cards, and petty cash. Greenphire also supplies a convenient administrative tool for loading, tracking, and reporting your studies’ payments in real-time.

February 2017

Discussion: Dialogue Matters: A Crucial Conversation Primer

Speaker: Laurie McGarvey, Senior Consultant in the Office of Organizational Effectiveness, University of Pennsylvania 

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January 2017

Discussion: Biobanking & Translational Research – Where to begin and where it can take us

Speakers:Noah Goodman, MPH and JoEllen WeaverAvery Posey Jr.

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