Society for Clinical Research Coordination and Management

Professional Development

The Society of Clinical Research Coordination and Management (SCRCM) hopes to promote and support the professional development of Penn clinical research personnel and research staff. Our society hopes to grow and define a professional status for active research staff. Many career options within clinical research include Clinical Research Coordinators, Research Project Managers, Business Administrators, and Research Assistants.

Below include useful internal and outside organizations to further progress the careers of clinical research professionals.

Association for Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP)

The purpose of ACRP is to provide global leadership for the clinical research profession by promoting and advancing the highest ethical standards and practices.

ACRP is a diverse network of industry leaders. We work in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries, as well as in hospitals, academic medical centers and physician office settings. We are doctors, nurses and scientists, and call more than 30 countries our home. But we all share the same dedication to promoting and advancing the highest standards and practices in clinical research worldwide.

“ACRP's Professional Development resources and services are directly applicable to the jobs performed by clinical research professionals and will lead to performance improvement, resolved problems and reduced risk. Our programs are designed to leave you more confident, more informed and more prepared to perform your role.”

To learn more about ACRP, visit their website. To learn more about professional development opprotunities, visit ACRP`s Professional Development Page 


Society for Clinical Research Associates (SoCRA)

The Society of Clinical Research Associates, Inc. is a non-profit, professional organization dedicated to the continuing education and development of clinical research professionals.

The express aim of SoCRA is to provide training and continuing education for clinical research professionals and to establish and maintain an international certification program for clinical research professionals

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Penn HR: Hiring and New Positions

Hiring a New Staff Member?

Learn more about the hiring process at UPenn and useful interviewing techniques. Visit the SCRCM Hiring Guide

Looking for New Clinical Research Positions at UPenn?

Learn more about a career at UPenn. Visit the Penn Human Resources website.



Penn CR Certification

The Penn CR Certification is a program available to those who have completed  the full Penn CR: Onboarding Program, or pass the Opt Out exam. This should be completed within 2 years of hire and is looked upon favorably when considering job advancements at Penn.

For more details, visit OCR`s website on clinical research training.