Rebecca Hammond is from Davis, CA and was an undergraduate at Swarthmore College majoring in Biology with a minor in Chemistry. Rebecca conducted her Senior Honors Thesis research project in the lab (June 2012-May 2013). Rebecca graduated in June 2013 with highest honors. Rebecca went on as a Fulbright scholar to research the immune response across different strains of Mycobacterium tuberculosis at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health and the University of Oslo before pursuing her M.D. at Harvard Medical School.


Castellano, L.M., R.M. Hammond, V.M. Holmes, D. Weissman, and J. Shorter. (2015). Epigallocatechin-3-gallate rapidly remodels PAP85-120, SEM1(45-107), and SEM2(49-107) seminal amyloid fibrils. Biol. Open. 4:1206-1212. pdf file link

Lump, E., L.M. Castellano, C. Meier, J. Seeliger, N. Erwin, B. Sperlich, C.M. Stürzel, S. Usmani, R.M. Hammond, J. von Einem, G. Gerold, F. Kreppel, K. Bravo-Rodriguez, T. Pietschmann, V.M. Holmes, D. Palesch, O. Zirafi, D. Weissman, A. Sowislok, B. Wettig, C. Heid, F. Kirchhoff, T. Weil, F.G. Klärner, T. Schrader, G. Bitan, E. Sanchez-Garcia, R. Winter, J. Shorter, and J. Münch. (2015). A molecular tweezer antagonizes seminal amyloids and HIV infection. eLife. 4:e05397. pdf file link





Department of Biochemistry & Biophysics
University of Pennsylvania