Contribute to the Center

Our center is not only a clinic dedicated to evaluation, treatment, and counseling for our patients, but also provides essential training to the next generation of scientists and students and seeks to address critical research needs.

Every day, our researchers and scientists engage in work that could allow for future early intervention and improvement of outcomes for our patients and their families. I hope you will join us in our effort to advance this important research by making a gift today. Collectively, we can accelerate the efforts to eradicate smell and taste disorders.

Your tax-deductible donation can be sent to us by mail using the address below:

Please make checks payable to the "Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania" and forward to The Smell & Taste Center, "The Smell and Taste Center Research Fund," Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, 5 Ravdin Pavilion, 3400 Spruce Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104.

If you have any questions concerning a donation, including a desire to fund a specific project or program,  please contact Mary Kathryn Menck at (215) 746-2211 or

If you wish to make your contribution online, please go to