Derek Kelly

Derek Kelly

PhD Student
Genomics and Computational Biology



Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania, Genomics and Computational Biology


B.S. with Honors / B.A. Magna cum Laude, University of Missouri, Columbia
Biological Sciences/Anthropology
Minors in Mathematics and Art

Research Experience

2014 – 2015

Rotation Student, University of Pennsylvania
Dr. Junhyong Kim: Characterized ID SINEs across recently sequenced Mus musculus genomes
Dr. Nancy Zhang: Developed statistical models for the analysis of single cell RNA-seq data
Dr. Sarah Tishkoff: Annotated genetic variation in diverse African populations

2012 – 2014

Research Assistant, University of Missouri, Columbia
Dr. Toni Kazic: Developed image processing tools to automatically detect and segment Zea mays lesions


MU – HHMI Summer Bioinformatics Institute
Predicted binding sites between Rhabdoviridae glycoprotein and neural receptor proteins

2011 – 2012

Research Assistant, University of Missouri, Columbia
Dr. Scott Maddux: Catalogued a collection of human skeletal remains


Undergraduate Research, University of Missouri, Columbia
Dr. Robert Walker: Inferred the vertical cultural transmission of tattooing in Austronesia using Bayesian modelling

Awards and Scholarships


Phi Beta Kappa

2009 – 2013

Dean’s List

2008 – 2013

Bright Flight Scholarship

2008 – 2013

Excellence Award


Jesse Wrench Scholarship

2009 – 2010

Hal & Beulah McHaney Scholarship    

Publications and Presentations

Kelly DE. (2014) Extraction of phenotypic complexity by image analysis. Poster presented at: 2014 Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology (ISMB), Proceedings of the 22nd International Conference. 10-15 July. Boston, MA

Kelly DE, Vatsa AK, Mayham WG, Hearne LB, Kazic T. (2013) Quantitative assessment of complex visual phenotypes in maize lesion mutants. Poster presented at: 2013 Maize Meeting. Proceedings of the 55th Maize Genetics Conference. 14-17 March. St. Charles, IL

Hearne LB, Kelly DE, Vatsa AK, Mayham WG, Kazic T. (2013) Statistical linkage across high dimensional observational domains. Paper presented at: Information Technology Interfaces (ITI), Proceedings of the ITI 2013 35th International Conference on, 24-27 June (pp.239-244) Cavtat, Croatia.