May 2020: Genetics Unzipped
Podcast: "Out of Africa – uncovering history and diversity in the human genome"
Talk: Mapping human genetic diversity in Africa


March 2019: Teach-In UPENN
Public Lecture and Panel Discussion: "Production, dissemination, and use of knowledge"
Panelist discussing "What We Know about Race – For Sure"

May 2019: ABC Podcast Australia: Science Friction
Podcast: "Do genetic ancestry tests know if you’re Palestinian? A cautionary tale of race and science"
Podcast on genetics, race and ancestry.

June 2019: ABC Podcast Australia: Science Friction
Podcast: "Is genomic science way too white?"
Discussing lack of ethnic diversity in human genomic studies and implications ancestry testing and studies of disease

July 2019: WHYY - NPR
Podcast: "What is race? It isn’t skin color, as some young people are learning."
Interview: teaching students about concerns with using genetics to define race


September 2018: Franklin Institute, Philadelphia
Public Lecture and Panel Discussion: "Does Race Exist? Exploring the Future of Genetics, Ancestry, and Medicine"
Panelist discussing "What We Know about Race – For Sure"


June 1, 2017: World Science Festival
Panel Discussion: "The Evolution Of Evolution: Are We The Masters Of Our Fate?"
Panel participant discussing topics on human evolution for a general audience.

October 12, 2017: Science Podcast
Poscast: "Evolution of Human Skin Color"
Interviewed for Science podcast.

December 2017: Penn LDI Lectures
Public Lecture and Roundtable Discussion: "Genomic Studies of Health Disparities"
Genetic and environmental contributions to health disparities.


November 3, 2016:
Podcast: "Why Diversity Is the Only Path Forward: Sarah Tishkoff on African Genomics"
Sarah Tishkoff explains the medical implications for all of us in African genetics.

March 1, 2016: Radio Times with Marty Moss-Cohane
Radio interview: "Race and its Role Medical Research"
Interview with Dorothy Roberts, Sarah Tishkoff, Michael Yudell about the biological, cultural and social meanings of race and how the concept of race has been used and misused in the biological sciences.


September 30, 2015: The Atlantic
"How People Living at Earth's Extremes Reveal the Genome's Best Tricks" Sarah Tishkoff interviewed on the how evolution has sculpted the human genome.

September 26, 2015: The New Reddit, Journal of Science
Online question and answer session with Sarah Tishkoff focusing on her research on genetic diversity in Africa and the evolutionary pressures affecting diseases.

September 22, 2015: Gastropod
Podcast: "The Bitter Truth" – Sarah Tishkoff comments on the genomic and phenotypic variations of bitter receptor genes and taste perception in diverse African populations.

April 21,2014: The Christian Science Monitor
"Why does Africa have so many languages?" Sarah Tishkoff comments on how Africa's high levels of genetic diversity relate to the continent's linguistic heterogeneity.


September 12, 2014:
Interview with Renata Afi Rawlings-Goss: Global variations in microRNAs linked to cancer disparities

September 9, 2014 Penn News
Penn study finds genetic mutations linked with ethnic disparities in cancer

August 8, 2014: Nature News Blog
Leading population geneticists respond to a new book, A Troublesome Inheritance: Genes, Race, and Human History by Nicholas Wade

August 11, 2014: History News Network article
Why Scientists Decided to Issue an Indictment of Nicholas Wade's Book

August 6, 2014: Knowledge@Wharton article
Weighing the Risks in the Ebola Battle

March 13, 2014: Penn News article
Penn Team Links Africans’ Ability to Digest Milk to Spread of Cattle Raising


February, 2013: YouTube video, lecture by Sarah Tishkoff
CARTA: Culture-Gene Interactions: Adaptations of Humans to Adult Milk Intake

April 25, 2013: YouTube video, lecture by Sarah Tishkoff
African Integrative Genomics: Implications for Human Origins and Disease
Presented at The Genomics Landscape a Decade after the Human Genome Project Symposium
Lecture / Slides

July 29, 2013: PennNews press release
Variants at Gene Linked to Kidney Disease, Sleeping Sickness Resistance

September 12, 2013: Video, The African Diaspora Symposium: Integrating Culture, Genomics, and History
Smithsonian Institute, Washington DC - Website of Event
Setting the Stage for Understanding Ancestry of African Americans
Discussion between Sarah Tishkoff, Linda Heywood (Boston University), and Michael Blakey (College of William and Mary)

November 11, 2013: PennNews press release
A Tale of Two Genes: Penn Team Elucidates Evolution of Bitter Taste Sensitivity

November 21, 2013: Penn Current website
Penn Biologists get a Flavor for the Evolution of Bitter Taste

November 25, 2013: YouTube video, series of iBiology lectures by Sarah Tishkoff
Part 1 - African Genomics: Human Evolution (36:20)
Part 2 - African Genomics: African Population History (28:04)
Part 3 - African Genomics: Natural Selection (39:36)

December 31, 2013: Genomeweb
Technological Advances Aid Efforts to Document Human Population Diversity, History


January 20, 2012: PennNews press release
Penn Researchers Help Solve Questions About Ethiopians’ High-Altitude Adaptations

April 26, 2012: PennNews press release
Penn Geneticists Identify Genes Linked to Western African Pygmies’ Small Stature

May 3, 2012: Penn Current website
Penn geneticist researches what makes Pygmies short

July 26, 2012: New York Times
Genetic Data and Fossil Evidence Tell Differing Tales of Human Origins

July 26, 2012: Washington Post
Neanderthal-type Species Once Roamed Africa, DNA Shows

July 26, 2012: The Chronicle of Higher Education
Mystery Human Ancestor Found in African Genes

July 26, 2012: Scientific American in Talking back
Out of Africa: Startling New Genetics of Human Origins

July 26, 2012: GenomeWeb Daily News
Genome Sequencing Study Offers Clues to History, Adaptations of Hunter-Gatherer Populations in Africa

July 26, 2012: PennNews press release
Penn-led Study of African Hunter-Gatherers Elucidates Human Variation, Evolution and Interbreeding

July 26, 2012:
Does the African Genome hold the Secrets of a Previously Unknown Species of Hominid?

July 26,2012: Science Daily
Genomic Study of Africa's Hunter-Gatherers Elucidates Human Variation and Ancient Interbreeding


June 9, 2011: PennNews press release
Penn Researchers Show New Evidence of Genetic “Arms Race” Against Malaria

December 5, 2011: PennNews press release
Penn Geneticists Help Show Bitter Taste Perception Is Not Just About Flavors

December 8, 2011: Penn Current website
Penn Researchers Uncover Evolution of Bitter Gene

Video, lecture by Sarah Tishkoff
Genetics of Human Origins and Adaptation (58:33)
Presented at the 2011 Holiday Lectures on Science series

YouTube video, lecture and discussion with Michael Campbell and Sarah Tishkoff
Genetics of Bitter Taste Perception (50:40)


March 12, 2010: YouTube video of Sarah TIshkoff Lecture, University of California television
The Evolution of Human Biodiversity: Local Adaptation

March 25, 2010: YouTube video of "Engaging Minds" 2010 lecture from the University of Pennsylvania
Human Origins in Africa
Part 1:
Question and Answer session:

May 21, 2009: Penn Current website
Study Reveals African Genetic Diversity

May 26: Penn News
Penn Researchers Add Genetic Data to Archaeology and Linguistics to Get Picture of African Population History

May 26, 2010: Science News
Genetic Data Added to Archaeology and Linguistics to Get Picture of African Population History

September, 2010: University of Pennsylvania School of Arts and Sciences 60-Second Lecture Series (Sarah Tishkoff)
Are Humans Still Evolving?

October 26, 2010: YouTube video, lecture by Sarah Tishkoff
An African Odyssey through the Human Genome
Program cohosted by Penn Genome Frontiers Institute and The Franklin Institute (Dr. Tishkoff's lecture begins at 32:30)


January 2, 2009:
Genes give Africans a better sense of taste

February 19, 2009: Penn Current website
Genetics study: Africans have Keener Sensitivity to Bitter Tastes

April, 2009: Penn Arts & Sciences, SAS Frontiers Archive 2009
DNA Collector Scientist Sarah Tishkoff pulls together a database of African populations—one DNA sample at a time.

April 15, 2009: YouTube video, Penn Genome Frontiers Institute 2009 Franklin Program
Sarah Tishkoff, concluding remarks
Part 1:
Part 2:

April 30, 2009:
Africans have world's greatest genetic variation

April 30, 2009: PennNews press release
Out of Africa: Penn Geneticist Publishes Largest-Ever Study on African Genetics Revealing Origins, Migration

May 1, 2009: BBC News online
Africa's genetic secrets unlocked

May 1, 2009: Fox
Africans Most Genetically Varied People on Earth,2933,518524,00.html

May 27, 2009: University of Pennsylvania Making History website
Out of Africa: Penn's Sarah Tishkoff Integrates Knowledge of Genetics and Culture

September 25, 2009: News and Publications, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine News Archive
Penn Geneticist Sarah A. Tishkoff Receives 2009 National Institutes of Health Pioneer Award

October 23, 2009: YouTube video of Sarah Tishkoff lecture from University of California television
Evolution and Adaptation in Africa

December 22, 2009: Cornell University Chronicle Online
Genetic study traces African-Americans' ancestry


January 16, 2008: University of Pennsylvania press release
Sarah Tishkoff Named Penn's Newest PIK Professor

May 13, 2008: YouTube video, National Institute of General Medical Sciences interview with Sarah Tishkoff
Drink Milk in Africa? Genes Behind Lactose Tolerance

August 28, 2008: Penn Gazette website
Molecular Anthropologist Sarah Tishkoff


December 11, 2006: New York Times
Lactose Tolerance in East Africa Points to Recent Evolution


November-December 2003; American Scientist
We Are All Africans


June 22, 2001: New York Times
Genetic Study Dates Malaria to the Advent of Farming


March 8, 1996: New York Times
Study Bolsters Theory on Early Humans