Supplemental Files


Following are downloadable files that contain supplements to the respective publications.

Click on the links to download the material.

  1. Tishkoff. S.A., F. A. Reed, F. R. Friedlaender, C. Ehret, A. Ranciaro, A. Froment, J. B. Hirbo, A. A. Awomoyi, J.M, Bodo, O. Doumbo, M. Ibrahim, A. T. Juma, M.J. Kotze, G. Lema, J. H. Moore, H. Mortensen, T.B. Nyambo, S. A. Omar, K. Powell, G. S Pretorius, M.W. Smith, M. A. Thera, C.Wambebe, J. L. Weber, and S. M. Williams (2009) The genetic structure and history of Africans and African Americans. Science 324:1035 – 1044. Click here to download supplemental file as zipped csv file (~7.9 MB) or a zipped txt file (~7.7 MB)
  2. Verrelli, B.J. and S.A. Tishkoff (2004) “Signatures of selection and gene conversion associated with human color vision variation.” Am J Hum Genet. 75(3):363-75. - OPN1LW Primers. Click here for pdf file.
  3. Verrelli, et al. (2002) “Evidence for Balancing Selection from Nucleotide Sequence Analyses of Human G6PD” Am J Hum Genet. 71(5):1112-1128 – G6PD Primers. Click here for pdf file.