Research in the lab ranges from purely lab based genomics research to purely computational analysis. I strongly encourage all lab-based researchers to also obtain strong computational skills. Research projects include characterization of genomic variation, inference of demographic history and adaptation, RNA Seq and eQTL analyses, characterization of epigenetic variation and impact on gene expression, microbiome, metabolomics, and genotype/phenotype association analyses. We are applying systems biology and evolutionary genetics approaches to address fundamental questions about human evolutionary history, local adaptation, and the genetic and environmental factors influencing both normal variable traits and disease susceptibility with a focus on African populations (see Research for full description).

Graduate students can apply via any of the following programs:
Department of Anthropology Graduate Program
Department of Biology Graduate Program
Genetics and Gene Regulation Graduate Program 
Genomics and Computational Biology Graduate Program
Microbiology, Virology, and Parasitology