Research Focus

Basic Research

Our lab is dedicated toward uncovering the role of intracellular calcium dysregulation on neurodegeneration, particularly in Alzheimer's disease. Using cell and animal models, we investigate calcium regulatory pathways and their impact on neuronal apoptosis, brain metabolism, neurogenesis, synaptic impairment, and cognitive dysfunction.

Our work has direct translational applications as well, as a core focus of our research revolves around potential therapeutic agents for the treatment of AD. Such agents may reveal core mechanisms of AD pathogenesis and offer promising treatment options for this crippling neurologic disorder.

Clinical Research

Our lab's clinical focus lies in the innovation and development of Supraglottic Jet Oxygenation and Ventilation (SJOV) for improved airway management in patients with respiratory depression or apnea. Dr. Wei is the developer of the Wei Nasal Jet tube, an endotracheal airway device that provides efficient oxygenation and ventilation during tracheal intubation of apnea patients and patients presenting difficult airway management. 

Previously, lack of an airway management device that could provide adequate oxygenation in this clinical scenario presented a life-threatening complication for apnea patients during the intubation stage. The Wei Nasal Jet tube offers an improved solution to this critical ventilation step.