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Complete response of a life-threatening cardiac tumor after treatment with vemurafenib and hydroxychloroquine

Charitable tax deductible donations accelerate the pace of our research

Our research is funded mostly by grants from the National Cancer Institute/National Institutes of Health. However, NIH grants don't cover all expenses especially for new   equipment,  and for new high risk/ high reward  projects that could be game changers in the fight against cancer. We are very blessed to have recieved support from grateful patients and the philanthropic community. This philanthropic support accelerates the pace of our research and brings us closer to finding new cures for cancer.

NIH grants: The grants that have funded our work thus far are listed here: 1) NCI P50 CA 93372; 2) NCI 1K23CA120862 3) Abramson Cancer Center Pilot award 4) NCI R1CA133898-01 5) NCI 3R21CA133898-02S1 6) UPENN ITMAT 7) Commonwealth of Pennsylvania 8) NCI R21 (Carew, UT San Antonio)   9) NCI1R01CA169134 10) NCI P01 CA114046-06 11) 5P30 CA016520-36 12) NCI SPORE P50 CA174523

We have received charitable donations from the following sources:
Delson Family fund
Alan Steinberg Scholars in Cancer Research Fund
Anand and Kameswari Amaravadi
Walk 4Family and Friends with Cancer

Gifts to support Dr. Amaravadi's research can be made by contacting Karleigh Rose Pettit below.  Checks can be made out to "Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania" and mailed to her attention.  A tax receipt will be sent to you. Please note that you would like this to support the "Innovations in Cancer Research Fund".

Karleigh Rose Pettit
Associate Director of Development
Penn Medicine Development - Abramson Cancer Center
3535 Market Street, Suite 750
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Phone - (215) 898-9931
Fax - (215) 573-2800
Cell Phone - (267) 788-1005