Kevin Edward Craig Meyers

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Professor of Pediatrics at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Department: Pediatrics

Contact information
The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Division of Mephrology , Department of Pediatrics
34th and Civic Center Boulevard
1st Floor Main Building - Room 1E15
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 215 590 4155
Fax: 215 590 3705
M.B., B.Ch
University of the Witwatersrand (cum laude), 1983.
S.A. (Pediatrics)
South African College of Medicine and University of the Witwatersrand, 1989.
D.T.M. & H
University of the Witwatersrand (cum laude), 1991.
MD (Medicine)
ECFMG 0-494-158-9, 1993.
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Selected Publications

Miller S, Li Y, Meyers KEC, Caplan A and Ginsberg J.: Fertility preservation in pediatric nephrology: results of a physician survey. Journal of Renal Care July 2014.

Prasto J, Kaplan BS, Russo P, Chan E, Smith RH, Meyers KEC: Streptococcal Infection as Possible Trigger for Membranoproliferative Glomerulonephritis Type II (C3 Glomerulopathy) European Journal of Pediatrics 173(6), June 2014.

Kallem K, Meyers KEC, Sawinski D, Townsend RR: Blood pressure variability of two ambulatory blood pressure monitors. Blood Pressure Monitoring Journal 19(2): 98-102, February 2014.

Kallem K, Meyers KEC, Sawinski D, Townsend RR: Variation and variability in carotid-femoral pulse wave velocity Artery Research 7(3-4): 230-233, July 2013 Notes: In press.

Kallem K, Meyers KEC, Sawinski D, Townsend RR: A Comparison of Two Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitors Worn at the Same Time. Journal of Clinical Hypertension (Greenwich) 15(5): 321-325, May 2013.

Kurian J, Epelman M, Darge K, Meyers KEC, Nijs EL and Hellinger J. : The Role of Low-dose CT angiography in the Evaluation of Pediatric Renovascular Hypertension. Pediatric Radiology 43(4): 490-501, April 2013.

Yonghong HY, Kapoor S, DeLoach S, Ommen E, Meyers KEC, Townsend RR: Changes in biomarkers associated with living kidney donation. American Journal Nephrology 38(3): 212-217, March 2013.

D'Aco KE, Manno M, Clarke C, Ganesh J, Meyers KE, Sondheimer N: Mitochondrial tRNA(Phe) mutation as a cause of end-stage renal disease in childhood Pediatric Nephrology 28(3): 515-8, March 2013.

Akimova T, Kamath BM, Goebel JW, Meyers KEC, Rand EB, Hawkins A, Levine MH, Bucuvalas JC and Hancock WW. : Beneficial Effects of rapamycin versus CNI Therapy on T-regulatory cells in Pediatric Liver and Kidney Transplant Recipients. American Journal of Transplantation 12(12): 3449-3461, December 2012.

Miller S, Ginsberg J, Meyers KEC and Caplan A. : Sperm banking in adolescent males with nephrotic syndrome: defining the limits of access to fertility preservation." Archives of Disease in Childhood 97(9): 765-766, September 2012.

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