Ian Frank

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Professor of Medicine at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Department: Medicine

Contact information
502 Johnson Pavilion
3610 Hamilton Walk 6073
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6073
Office: 215-662-7419
Fax: 215-349-8011
AB (Russian)
Dartmouth College, 1977.
MD (Medicine)
Dartmouth Medical School, 1980.
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Selected Publications

Ravimohan S, Tamuhla N, Steenhoff AP, Letlhogile R, Makutu DK, Nfanyana K, Rantleru T, Tierney A, Nkakana K, Schwartz AB, Gross R, Macgregor RR, Bellamy SL, Frank I, Weissman D, Bisson GP: Early Immunologic Failure is Associated With Early Mortality Among Advanced HIV-Infected Adults Initiating Antiretroviral Therapy With Active Tuberculosis. The Journal of infectious diseases 208(11): 1784-93, Dec 2013.

Eberhart MG, Yehia BR, Hillier A, Voytek CD, Blank MB, Frank I, Metzger DaS, Brady KA: Behind the Cascade: Analyzing Spatial Patterns Along the HIV Care Continuum. Journal of acquired immune deficiency syndromes (1999) 64 Suppl 1: S42-51, Nov 2013.

Hammer SM, Sobieszczyk ME, Janes H, Karuna ST, Mulligan MJ, Grove D, Koblin BA, Buchbinder SP, Keefer MC, Tomaras GD, Frahm N, Hural J, Anude C, Graham BS, Enama ME, Adams E, Dejesus E, Novak RM, Frank I, Bentley C, Ramirez S, Fu R, Koup RA, Mascola JR, Nabel GJ, Montefiori DaC, Kublin J, McElrath MJ, Corey L, Gilbert PB: Efficacy Trial of a DNA/rAd5 HIV-1 Preventive Vaccine. The New England journal of medicine Oct 2013.

Kalams SA, Parker SD, Elizaga M, Metch B, Edupuganti S, Hural J, De Rosa S, Carter DK, Rybczyk K, Frank I, Fuchs J, Koblin B, Kim DH, Joseph Pa, Keefer MC, Baden LR, Eldridge J, Boyer J, Sherwat A, Cardinali M, Allen M, Pensiero M, Butler C, Khan AS, Yan J, Sardesai NY, Kublin JG, Weiner DB: Safety and comparative immunogenicity of an HIV-1 DNA vaccine in combination with plasmid interleukin 12 and impact of intramuscular electroporation for delivery. The Journal of infectious diseases 208(5): 818-29, Sep 2013.

Yehia BR, Schranz AJ, Momplaisir F, Keller SC, Gross R, Frank I, Metlay JP, Brady KA: Outcomes of HIV-Infected Patients Receiving Care at Multiple Clinics. AIDS and behavior Sep 2013.

Brawner BM, Baker JL, Voytek CD, Leader A, Cashman RR, Silverman R, Peter N, Buchner BJ, Barnes CA, Jemmott LS, Frank I: The development of a culturally relevant, theoretically driven HPV prevention intervention for urban adolescent females and their parents/guardians. Health promotion practice 14(4): 624-36, Jul 2013.

Fuchs JoD, Sobieszczyk ME, Madenwald T, Grove D, Karuna ST, Andrasik M, Sherwat A, Broder G, Mayer K, Koblin B, Hammer S: Intentions to use preexposure prophylaxis among current phase 2B preventive HIV-1 vaccine efficacy trial participants. Journal of acquired immune deficiency syndromes (1999) 63(3): 259-62, Jul 2013.

Kim RJ, Vaghani S, Zifchak LM, Quinn JH, He W, Tebas P, Frank I: In vitro and in vivo effects of IGF-I on adiposity in HIV-associated metabolic disease: a pilot study. Archives of medical research 44(5): 361-9, Jul 2013.

Koblin BA, Metch B, Novak RM, Morgan C, Lucy D, Dunbar D, Graham P, Swann E, Madenwald T, Escamilia G, Frank I: Feasibility of identifying a cohort of US women at high risk for HIV infection for HIV vaccine efficacy trials: longitudinal results of HVTN 906. Journal of acquired immune deficiency syndromes (1999) 63(2): 239-44, Jun 2013.

Yehia BR, Kangovi S, Frank I: Patients in transition: avoiding detours on the road to HIV treatment success. AIDS (London, England) 27(10): 1529-33, Jun 2013.

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