Devon J Shedlock

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Adjunct Assistant Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Department: Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Contact information
University of Pennsylvania
Room 8-110C, TRC Building 421
3400 Civic Center Blvd.
Philadelphia, PA 19104-5156
Office: 215-746-1886
Lab: 215-573-1947
BS (Biology)
Ursinus College, 1999.
PhD (Cell & Molecular Biology)
University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, 2003.
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Description of Research Expertise

Our research focuses on the preclinical development and evaluation of novel engineered T lymphocyte-based therapies for treating cancer. The T Cell Engineering Lab (TCEL) is part of the The Translational Research Program, Abramson Cancer Center at the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine. We are grouped functionally into T lymphocyte based R&D, New CAR/TCR Development, Animal Study and RNA Manufacture & Development. Currently, several phase 0/I clinical trials treating mesothelioma, pancreatic cancer and breast cancer have been approved and data from pilot studies are promising. The TCEL is directed by Dr. Yangbing Zhao MD, PhD, and is a part of The Translational Research Program as directed by Dr. Carl June, MD.

Keywords: Immunology, Therapy, Vaccine, Cancer, T cell, CAR

Selected Publications

Shedlock DJ, Aviles J, Talbott KT, Wong G, Wu SJ, Villarreal DO, Myles DJ, Croyle MA, Yan J, Kobinger GP, and Weiner DB: Induction of broad cytotoxic T cells by protective DNA vaccination against Marburg and Ebola. Molecular therapy May 2013.

Shedlock DJ, Talbott KT, Wu SJ, Wilson CM, Muthumani K, Boyer JD, Sardesai NY, Awasthi S and Weiner DB : Vaccination with synthetic constructs expressing cytomegalovirus immunogens is highly T cell immunogenic in mice. Human vaccines & immunotherapeutics 8(11), Nov 2012.

Shedlock DJ, Talbott KT, Cress C, Ferraro B, Tuyishime S, Mallilankaraman K, Cisper NJ, Morrow MP, Wu SJ, Kawalekar OU, Khan AS, Sardesai NY, Muthumani K, Shen H and Weiner DB: A highly optimized DNA vaccine confers complete protective immunity against high-dose lethal lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus challenge. Vaccine 29(39): 6755, Sep 2011.

Shedlock Devon J, Bailey Michael A, Popernack Paul M, Cunningham James M, Burton Dennis R, Sullivan Nancy J: Antibody-mediated neutralization of Ebola virus can occur by two distinct mechanisms. Virology 401(2): 228-35, Jun 2010.

Shedlock Devon J, Talbott Kendra T, Morrow Matthew P, Ferraro Bernadette, Hokey David A, Muthumani Karuppiah, Weiner David B: Ki-67 staining for determination of rhesus macaque T cell proliferative responses ex vivo. Cytometry. Part A : the journal of the International Society for Analytical Cytology 77(3): 275-84, Mar 2010.

Shedlock Devon J, Silvestri Guido, Weiner David B: Monkeying around with HIV vaccines: using rhesus macaques to define 'gatekeepers' for clinical trials. Nature reviews. Immunology 9(10): 717-28, Oct 2009.

Choo Andrew Y, Shedlock Devon J, Muthumani Karuppiah: Electroporation of cytokines for cancer gene therapy. Cancer biology & therapy 8(22): 2123-5, Nov 2009.

Shedlock Devon J, Hwang Daniel, Choo Andy Y, Chung Christopher W, Muthumani Karuppiah, Weiner David B: HIV-1 viral genes and mitochondrial apoptosis. Apoptosis : an international journal on programmed cell death 13(9): 1088-99, Sep 2008.

Shedlock Devon J, Shen Hao: Requirement for CD4 T cell help in generating functional CD8 T cell memory. Science (New York, N.Y.) 300(5617): 337-9, Apr 2003.

Pearce Erika L, Shedlock Devon J, Shen Hao: Functional characterization of MHC class II-restricted CD8+CD4- and CD8-CD4- T cell responses to infection in CD4-/- mice. Journal of immunology (Baltimore, Md. : 1950) 173(4): 2494-9, Aug 2004.

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