Gregory P Bisson

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Assistant Professor of Medicine
Department: Medicine
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832 Blockley Hall
423 Guardian Drive
Center for Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6021
Office: 215-573-5811
Fax: 215-573-5315
BA (Japanese)
University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1992.
University of Minnesota School of Medicine, 1997.
University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, Epidemiology, 2006.
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Description of Research Expertise

My research is dedicated to improving treatment outcomes of patients with HIV and tuberculosis (TB) and other AIDS-associated opportunistic infections. Current research projects are evaluating the relationship between very early virologic and immunologic response to antiretroviral therapy and clinical outcomes in adults with HIV/TB or HIV and Cryptococcal meningitis. Many patients with advanced HIV die soon after antiretroviral therapy initiation, and our research group focuses on trying to understand the pathophysiologic and social mechanisms underlying these early deaths. In addition, we are pursuing translational projects evaluating the epidemiology and molecular epidemiology of drug resistant TB.

Selected Publications

Zentner I, Khensouvann L, Kutzler M, Schlecht H, Bisson GP, C. Peloquin C, Vinnard C: A Urine Colorimetric Assay to Detect Low Peak Serum Concentrations of Pyrazinamide: A Proof-of-Concept Study ICAAC 54th Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy September 5-9 2014 Notes: Poster Presentation.

Khensouvann L, Kutzler M, Gumbo T, Pasipanodya J, Schlecht H, Bisson GP, Peloquin C, Vinnard C: Urine Colorimetry to Detect Low Rifampicin Bioavailability: A Proof-of-Concept Study. ICAAC 54th Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy September 5-9 2014 Notes: Poster Presentation.

Ravimohan, S: Early Immunologic Responses Distinguish Early Mortality and Immune Reconstitution Inflammatory Syndrome in Advanced HIV/Tuberculosis Co-infected Adults Initiating Antiretroviral Therapy. 20th International AIDS Conference, Melbourne, Australis July 2014.

Shruthi Ravimohan, Neo Tamuhla, Andrew P. Steenhoff, Rona Letlhogile, Kebatshabile Nfanyana, Didi Malang Makutu, Tumelo Rantleru, Robert Gross, Drew Weissman, Gregory P. Bisson : Depleted DHEA-S reserves are associated with early mortality after ART initiation in HIV/TB co-infected patients in Botswana 20th Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections, Boston Ma 827, March 2014.

Nicola M. Zetola1, Chawangwa Modongo, Patrick K. Moonan, Ronald Ncube, Keikantse Matlhagela, Enoch Sepako, Ronald G. Collman, Gregory P. Bisson : Clinical outcomes among persons with pulmonary tuberculosis disease caused by M. tuberculosis isolates with phenotypic DST heterogeneity Journal of Infectious Diseases January 2014.

Ravimohan S, Tamuhla N, Steenhoff AP, Letlhogile R, Makutu DK, Nfanyanan K, Rantleru T, Tierney A, Nkakana K, Schwartz AB, Gross R, MacGregor RR, Bellamy S, Frank I, Weissman D, Bisson GP: Early Immunologic Failure is Associated with Early Mortality Among Advanced HIV-Infected Adults Initiating ART with Active Tuberculosis Journal of Infectious Diseases 208(11): 1784-93, Dec 2013 Notes: Epub ahead of print.

Schwartz AB, Tamuhla N, Steenhoff AP, Nkakana K, Letlhogile R, Chadborn TR, Kestler M, Zetola N, Ravimohan S, Bisson GP: Outcomes in HIV-infected Adults with Tuberculosis at Clinics with and without co-located HIV Clinics in Botswana. International Journal of Tuberculosis and Lung Disease 17(10): 1298-303, October 2013.

Auld SC, Click ES, Heilig CM, Miramontes R, Cain KP, Bisson GP, Mac Kenzie WR: Association between tuberculin skin test result and clinical presentation of tuberculosis disease. BMC Infectious Diseases 13(1): 460, October 2013 Notes: Epub ahead of print.

Puryear S, Seropola G, Ho-Foster A, Arscott-Mills T, Mazhani L, Firth J, Goldfarb DM, Ncube R, Bisson GP, Steenhoff AP: Yield of contact tracing from pediatric tuberculosis index cases in Gaborone, Botswana. International Journal of Tuberculosis and Lung Disease 17(8): 1049-55, Aug 2013.

Bisson GP, Molefi M, Bellamy S, Thakur R, Steenhoff A, Tamuhla N, Rantleru T, Tsimako I, Gluckman S, Ravimohan S, Weissman D, Tebas P: Early versus delayed antiretroviral therapy and cerebospinal fluid fungal clearance in adults with HIV and cryptococcal meningitis. Clinical Infectious Diseases 56(8): 1165-73, April 2013.

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